793 AD - Valhalla Awaits

793 AD - Valhalla Awaits

793 AD is a PVP focused valheim server with one pve safe zone(This being spawn island). Our server is unique in ways that we have modified our combat system from better aiming with bows thanks to BetterArchery as well as new types of combat Magic / Custom ability’s. Our server has no password or white list and all players are welcome as long as they can follow our small list of rules.

793 AD – Valhalla Awaits | Main Server
793 AD – A New World | Secondary Server

Both servers character inventory’s are shared stats included.

Our staff is active and here to help. Help us grow and become a strong community 😀



Played on this server over the last weekend after finishing the game. So far it has been a blast. Usually 2-5 players on and lots of interaction on the spawn Island. Server admins have been very helpful and open to feedback. Can’t wait to get off the safe-island and fight for the loot!


This new server is growing and has a unique mod-set that will provide a great PVP experience. I like the idea of having a central PVE zone with PVP outside the safe zone on the main server, as well as a “Wilderness” server completely separate from the original server. Since this is linked with multiverse so you can take your character stats and items from the original, it provides a risky, yet entertaining, free-for-all survival.

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