Age of Arcanum

Age of Arcanum

Are you tired of what Vanilla Valheim has to offer? Looking for a new way to play this amazing game? Well come check us out at
Nightshade Servers | Age of Arcanum

We Feature:
-PVE Server with Consenting PVP only.
-Friendly Community
-Weekly Boss Progression Reset
-30 Max Player Slots
-A Variety of Mods including:
>Valheim Plus
>Valheim Legends (Choose a Class!)
>Better Traders
>Epic Loot
>Combat Overhaul
>Better Archery
>And Much More!

Our Servers are WHITELISTED due to the nature of this game. Apply at our Discord!

General Server Rules:
1) No Toxicity
2) No Stealing
3) No Griefing
4) No Hacking/Cheating
5) No Mods on our Vanilla Server (Eiselcross)
With more rules for our Modded Server. See full list on our Discord!

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