Ironside Valheim

Ironside Valheim

-Ironside Valheim-
Ironside Valheim was among the first Valheim RP servers made, and has continued to grow ever since then. We are an open & friendly gaming community built around our Modded Valheim RP Server! We have been around for a long time, but new players still feel as if they fit in regardless!

-What do we offer?-
– Friendly & Welcoming Community Members
– Active Staff
– Fair & Well Enforced Rules
– A whitelisted server
– Casual and/or serious roleplaying.
– Clan, guilds, tribes
– Thriving In-Game Economy
– Growing towns & other locations
– Custom dungeons and other events
– Magic & Alchemy thanks to mods
– Much more armor and weapons thanks to mods
– Rich custom lore of actual RP events tied closely in with the existing Valheim lore
– Raids & war time
– & much more!

Our server has always been a fun place to have some fun in Valheim while experiencing top notch text based RP! Use the link to join us and see what we are all about! Just be sure to read our rules carefully!


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