Praetoria Praetoria

**Update 6.16.2021** Praetoria has been doing wonderful! we have grown to over 15 active players and it has been amazing!…Praetoria Hardcore server launch incoming July 3rd. Join the discord now and get ready for another fresh map with a hardcore twist!!!

Welcome to Praetoria. Vanilla gameplay, brand new server 9 pm central 5 /30, Interview required for whitelist. Looking to build a small consistent player base of friendly mature valheim players!….Join the discord to get started. We are focused on a PvE experience and looking to build a nice community area that everyone can showcase their skills. Server is run on dedicated equipment and there are active staff. Hope to see you there! You will undoubtedly be asked to create a new character to join! Come join the discord to get started and be a part of another fresh start!

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