Private Valheim Server

Private Valheim Server

-= About PVS =-
This is not a free to play server.
The rules are hardcore and if you violate them you will be permanently banned.
– Focus : PvE / Building
– PvP is allowed if all participants agree. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc.
– Type : Vanilla – No mods allowed. Joining with any mod – [ban]
– Griefing of any kind is not allowed – [ban]
– Building: always check area. If someone is already building in the area before you, ask him if you can build anywhere close. However, resources can not be ‘reserved’.
– Stealing, ‘borrowing’ without permission – [ban]
– Any infant, aggressive, rude etc behavior – [ban]
– Age : 20 +
– In general : Being a good, positive, & mature person can literally guide you what is wrong/good, allowed/disallowed. The purpose of this server is to simply elevate the authentic, single player mode into a multiplayer environment where the one can build new friendships and experience the game in its original state. As you can see there are multiple options to get yourself banned. Do not join the server if you are not willing to obey the rules. Violating any of the rules, will result into a permanent ban without notification, warnings, dialogue or refunds. To apply > Discord.

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