Quest2Valhalla 4Netplayers

Quest2Valhalla 4Netplayers

Server NOTES:
– There is a Starter’s hall for those who are new or want to take their time.
– Offline raiding is a NO GO.
– Characters from other servers are allowed.
– You may not bring and/or start with any gear higher or greater than bronze level. ZERO RAW RESOURCES and Megingjord are NOT ALLOWED. Limit of 500 Gold total (Includes valuables of the same value)
– Whatever you make and collect on this server STAYS on this server. We understand that at this time this is honor-based, but please be respectful about it. If caught moving valuable items off the server to prevent losing them to PVP, expect punishment. (You WILL be BANNED)
– You must have a sign with the names of all who stay there at that base visible from the outside. Press F2 to verify if the player is either online or offline.
– If you logoff to avoid raiding those who are raiding may continue without you there.
– There is no griefing at all. Only destroy what you need to loot.
– Boats are a free game but follow the same rules as regular raiding. (If the person is online then have at it, if not leave it be.)
– Abandoned Bases are NOT ALLOWED. You must either destroy or gift your old base to someone. This is to avoid server clutter.
– Factions are a thing. If you are in a faction you must have the names of all those in it posted.
– A post with all the names is off-limits for destruction.
– No insiding or Portal abuse is allowed.
Due to the amount of griefing the password will be given after you ask for it.

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