Reloaded MMO Seasonal Public

Reloaded MMO Seasonal Public

⭐Reloaded Seasonal⭐

Are you tired of Vanilla?
Do you play through the game a bit too quickly and end up with nothing else to do but to build another longhouse?
In that case, we want to welcome you to Valheim Reloaded Seasonal Server!
We are always looking for new people to join both our discord community and of course, our Valheim Reloaded server where the player experience is in focus!
This season we made it easier for players to join even if they missed the initial release by having an individual progression system.

🔶And this is what you can expect from Reloaded Seasonal 🔶
🔹Quests to make each biome more interesting and explorative
🔹Battlepass both free and Premium
🔹Friendlist and a group system
🔹Biome focused events
🔹Different professions
🔹Custom Biomes and monsters.
🔹New Crafting Stations, Weapons and Armors
🔹A player driven in-game economy with a dedicated marketplace

🔶 And this is what you can expect from our community, server and staff! 🔶
🔹Free to play and easy to get started
🔹Easy to install modpack
🔹Ticket system with dedicated moderation/support team
🔹Anti-Cheat to provide a fair gameplay experience
🔹A friendly, helpful community
🔹Servers hosted on enterprise grade hardware in Germany
🔹Server costs are 100% Crowdfunded through our Ko-Fi



Pretty good mods — just the right ones for me, and from season to season, a splash of something new. Community over all is helpful, and the server is one of the more stable ones. I really enjoy !!


Very enjoyable. Many nice people. Good progression and a very active admin crew.


Started playing on this server when it started 2 years ago. And now I started it again. It´s fun to see all the progression, how much everything has changed to the better.
Now it feels like a really balanced modded server with a lot to explore and to do. And the best part for me is that when you enter the game, it doesn´t matter if you start in the beginning of the season or in the middle. It is very well balanced if you want to play on a modded server but still want to focus on your own personal progression. Some of the greatest things in this server is the personal paths that you can take to move your character forward but also that materials respawn often so it doens´t matter when you start to play during the season.
Highly recommend this server if you want to play what Valheim could and maybe should be!


Im a casual player (like 10-12h a week) and a valheim noob(40h). So i like the server but the progression and leveling is too slow imo.


This server might be a bit overwhelming if you have not played through the game without mods.

The best tip we can give you is to do all the quests available to you. Once you have done all the Meadows Main Quests and Side Quests you should be ready to have a brawl with Eikthyr and move on to the Black Forest quests.


Awesome server! I didn’t even expect that it would be that good (because of getting whitelisted in discord cause at first sight I thought it was weird, but it’s okay). Staff is very friendly and helpful, even though I don’t play much time I understood that I’m in love with them. Rules are pretty obvious. Players are pretty active. Also some resources like ores and crypts are getting renewed by admins when players struggle to find them, so it’s pleasure to play on this server and I highly recommend to try it yourself people!


I’ve played on this server since season 2 and I’ve always had a good time. It’s modded giving it an RPG feel and a level of difficulty you don’t find in vanilla. The community is pretty helpful and the staff team works really hard to keep everything running smoothly. 10/10 would recommend


I love this server. It’s heavily modded and feels more like an RPG. I appreciate the ticket system for problems and the staff really does their utmost to help. The majority of the players are very cool but like with everything you can get some Karen’s who try and ruin everyone’s good time. I’ve only seen the server leader get upset when people are breaking rules they know they shouldn’t. Can’t recommend this server enough!


Overall it’s a good server. This season progression is locked and as you can see from other reviews that didn’t sit well with people. No patience I guess. Crazy to me that it’s all free


Outstanding quality from a free server. The admin staff works very hard to work with the player base and resolve issues.


Probably the most creative server I have seen. Admin listens to the concerns of the players and if you need help with something their is a Ticket system where you can write a support ticket and its usually taken care of nearly immediately

A small amount of drama with people whining but the fact that the Admin actually takes care of things far outweighs any of that.


Staff works to provide the best they can for the players. I see these last couple comments and they all stem from the fact the players were doing something they were asked not to do from the start. Then when the proper action was taken for them doing such act. They proceeded to whine about it and complain without trying to give any constructive feedback. The admin and staff had previously said many time and its was also written out in discord on what was restricted and what wasn’t. These players then did things that they should have known were not allowed at the moment.

All in all, please do not take these last couple reviews to heart. They are from bitter people who got caught and instead of being an adult and taking it, they rage quit and are being spiteful.

I am just a player on the server, this is my second season I’ve played and have enjoyed it, even though I don’t like some of the things done. It is still an excellent server ran well. If you’re not an ass you’re treated great.


I love it!
Incredibly challenging with a lot of different gear choices and enchantment possibilities!
I wouldn’t want to play Valheim any other way anymore. 😀

The community might be small but is very helpful and friendly. =)


I’m quite shy in terms of social gaming. I’m not a competitive spirit – I love collaborative building and I hate when it’s complicated (aka “you need to be present every day when the moon is aligned with the sun or else I’ll dump you out of the server”).

This server is absolutely gorgeous : the community is friendly, team driven, takes a lot of time to interact and help players.

It’s modded in a good way- allowing players to re-play the game in a completely different mindset (RPG).

I thought I had finished it, but now I have the pleasure to re-experience it another time thanks to this server.

PS : I know they have a PVP map for players who need to fight a bit – but I love their PVE environment.

Strongly recommended.


When I first found the server I thought “Here we go again then, another modded server offering something that it can’t possibly afford” but having played for a few days now I have to admit, I was wrong. It’s heavily modded and offers loads of new content but it does it with a degree of balance you just don’t see with other modded servers.

First day started off with me getting ganked with super strong necks and boars over and over, I remember thinking “this is just crazy!!” but after a few hours, getting some starter equipment and building myself a basic temporary base, getting some better items from loot drops from the still challenging enemies, I’m now well on my way and loving every second of it. I’ve now managed to take down the first boss am entering into the bronze age.

This is undoubtedly the best server I’ve played on and I’ve played on quite a lot of them.


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