Vikings! Praise to Odin for you have been chosen! So ready your shield and axe, steady your courage, and prepare for the world of Røkkrheim.
All characters are saved server side
Roleplaying Encouraged
Start a Clan within your factions should you bring friends, or make new ones.
PvP server
Strong admin enforced PvP Ruleset
Encouraged to use Banners, Cloaks, and Shield colors to proudly displace your faction allegiance.



The server is amazing! True to its focus, it is filled with fun pvp activities and has a lot of potential. When there are issues with your character or in game, the owner is quick to respond and addresses the issue.

Cheating is highly monitored so you don’t have to worry about people taking advantage or doing illegal activities.
I give this a 10/10 if I could and definitely made this server my Valheim home. 🙂



Great server. Faction idea needs some work, but it’s a young server. Owner is responsive, whitelisting was fast, and community is friendly.


The owner was awful to deal with. Better off finding another server.


The people on the server are fantastic to play with. But the Owner often spawns in items and cheats when it comes to his own base.


Great server. I love the premise of faction wars. Especially in Valheim. Has a very dedicated owner as well. He is willing to help out and make the server better every chance he can get.

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