Skól vikings!
Tired of playing alone and cutting trough the game like a warm knife trough butter? Well – we are here for you!

Our small community still looking for some new players for a fresh start. We are playing on a hard PvE Server with non restricted PvP.
It’s a PvEvP Server!

about server:

– small community of moderated players/friend groups (~25 players currently)
– community is active and events are planned for the next weeks
– gentlemen agreements are working here
– Server is played in seasons (2-3 months before wipe)

small Mod changes:

– Valheim Plus
– Server Sided Characters
– Better Wards (less dmg to buildings)
– Spawn That (bigger groups of mobs)
– Forced PVP
– Random Start (hopefully you don’t get stuck on a island)
– all biomes have content + new hidden things

Other changes:

– you can build bigger houses with wood
– enemies are harder to kill and kill you faster
– bosses are way harder and got new abilities

Server started 19.09.2021

We are happy to welcome you on our server! 🙂

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