The Skullery

The Skullery

The Skullery!

We are a chill and growing community based around a private server for a great game experience, we are currently recruiting both new and veteran players, if you want to be apart of the it and the development of it, come check us out!

We have two valheim servers open:

NewHeim: New vanilla server: whitelisted: 100 player PVE

Hellheim: Our Anarchy server : 25 player PvP. Only uses mods to force PvP on and lock characters to server. Are you done with the bosses and ready for a new challenge? Come test your metal in Hellheim!

– Dedicated Hardware
– 24/7 access
– Auto updates
– backups every 20 min
– Vanilla server (No mods)
– NA based servers
– Whitelisting for access
– Everyone interviewed for Whitelisted Servers
– Mature, 18+ community



Been here just a few days, and the community has been friendly and helpful. The staff is present and work to make the server better constantly. A responsive staff, combined with a Creator who actually cares about the server, makes this one of the best servers. I’ve been on.

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