The Skullery

The Skullery

The Skullery!

We are a chill and growing community based around a private server for a great game experience, we are currently recruiting both new and veteran players, if you want to be a part of it and it’s development, come check us out!

We have two valheim servers open:

NewHeim: Valheim plus server: whitelisted: 50 player PVE

Hellheim: Our Anarchy server : 25 player PvP. Only uses mods to force PvP on and lock characters to server. Are you done with the bosses and ready for a new challenge? Come test your metal in Hellheim!

– Dedicated Hardware
– 24/7 access
– Auto updates
– backups every 30 min
– Off site backup once a day
– Vanilla plus server
– NA based servers
– Whitelisting for access
– Everyone interviewed for Whitelisted Servers
– Mature, 18+ community

NewHeim specific features:
– A full webmap of the world and who’s online.
– in-game chat, who’s online and server status all viewable from discord!



The people here are really committed to creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The emphasis is on being able to construct *with* each other, instead of *in spite* of each other. Property rights are respected and lots of resources are held in public trust. It’s pretty damn relaxing, for a game with zombies, trolls, and sea serpents. Also a very large network of portals which is fun to just hop through randomly.


Great Server, community is fun and helpful. Been into 2 housing project.
Recommended new ppl into Valheim to try this server.


Been here just a few days, and the community has been friendly and helpful. The staff is present and work to make the server better constantly. A responsive staff, combined with a Creator who actually cares about the server, makes this one of the best servers. I’ve been on.

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