-=UFB=- Stormhold • Community

-=UFB=- Stormhold • Community -=UFB=- Stormhold • Community

-=UFB=- Stormhold

PC-Only Vanilla Normal dedicated server located in EU.

We have customized the networking of the game in order to make it more stable and reliant.

— :Valheim: ABOUT

> Want to play the game as intended but want the experience of meeting vikings along the journey?
> Then Stormhold is for you!

• Security measures to prevent griefing and hacking is in place,
• Custom code to have you feel like joining on Day 1, despite server progress
• Dungeons/Caves/etc are periodically resetting
• Tree’s regrow from stumps
• Resources are perdiodically resetting
• Monster spawning are recoded, new players won’t meet hard mobs during night
• Regular world cleanups from inactive players, terrain resets etc.
• **No Mods are Required!**

**__OUR GOAL__**

We aim to ensure you get a day 1 experience whether you join on day 1 or day 12000.
Therefore, we are continously making tweaks to the server so everyone can enjoy natural progression from Eikthyr to end game regardless of when they join, without the need of installing any mod!

Join UFBGaming.com Today!
** Discord: https://discord.gg/EpcffzSSzh
** Website (To Join): https://ufbgaming.com/valheim

> We got two realms. Stormhold, a fresh PC only world, and Leikjaseidr which is a crossplay realm.
> Both realms have periodic world resets

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