Valhalla Dedicated

Valhalla Dedicated Valhalla Dedicated

Welcome to Valhalla!

We are a community of established Vikings! We have a very active community with positive player experience focused admins to ensure everyone’s Valheim adventure is one Odin and friends won’t forget. Joining is as easy as clicking on the Discord link and following the instructions. This process is required so we can continue building a safe and fun community. Valhalla’s first prior priority is having a server free from cheaters or griefers. With a strong anti-cheat system, your experience is protected and at the forefront of our priorities. Currently the Discord is ~440 simultaneous players and growing fast.

We are a PVE server, with of course dedicated events for PVP, Battle Arenas, Dungeons, RPG Adventures, Farmer Market Saturdays, much more and who knows what other dangers lurk on the horizon. We love having creators and builders in our server, as they provide inspiration to everyone. Starting mid-February to early-March, we will start seasonal rotations on a new server. Our main server will always be around!

We want the server to reflect our community, and that evolves with each of you at the core. This is why we want to continue expanding and adding new Vikings to join!

Join Valhalla Dedicated for the IP, Password, and become a friend in this community. This is an 18+ community.



Active community of helpful people playin games. Super fun mods for endless decorating options, quality of life improvements, and SO much more. It’s worth it just to log in and wander through the village that’s built at spawn. 10/10 wicked cute, bub.


10/10 The BEST Valheim community with AMAZING mods. Absolutely LOVE the quality of life mods! Portals at spawn to make things even easier, a fantastic place to make friends.


This server is bitchin! Much love! Very wow!




10/10 Extraordinary Valheim community with astonishing builds. Absolute must see! Join in the permanent world, take portals at spawn, and see some magnificent builds. Great place to make friends.


Joined the server a week ago and have been really enjoying the community. Everyone is friendly and at different stages in the game. The admins are always on and helpful. They are even having a DnD like event happening which sounds super fun. Highly recommend checking this server out!


Awesome place to be with a friendly, helpful community and prompt technical support. Admins engage enthusiastically and genuinely welcome feedback and suggestions. I have tried many Valheim communities. The Valhalla server is among the very best I’ve experienced.


Very kind admin and everyone is willing to help if you ask! They plan events and everything!! I’m enjoying myself with my friends on the server!


Nothing but a bunch of nerds haha! All jokes aside this is a great friendly environment to come hang out and play valheim with! Been playing games with the core group now for some years!


Great server, amazing community that is welcoming and friendly, and fantastic moderators.


Started this server after discovering them in the Valheim discord quite some time ago. I’ve loved every minute I’ve played here and it’s my preferred server by FAR. Friendly Staff/Admins, absolute willingness to resolve any issue I or others have had, Great events, great choice of mods and awesome community! i HIGHLY recommend this server for anyone to hop in in play!


This server was blessed by Jesus himself. Straight bussin. The server admins must have spawned with +100 style, never seen a cooler server in my life. If you want your life to be 100x better, join this server!


An amazing server with great moderators who listen to what the players have to say. Moreover, it’s a great community where you will find yourself in a new family.


I’ve joined this server about 2 months or so ago and its been great.

I’ve met some great people, made some friends, build some awesome builds.

It’s been a real life saver for me.
Pyro and Freya are both amazing people <3

Love this server – carefully curated mods, appropriate safety measures and the BEST community I have encountered in a long time in a game. A LOT of fun playing with good people.


Fun server with friendly and chill people. Ages range from late 20’s to 60’s. Everyone was friendly and willing to help in game. Fun events and family like atmosphere. I have really enjoyed playing on this server.

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