Valheim Reloaded

Valheim Reloaded Valheim Reloaded

Individual progression and difficulty even if players progress faster then you.

Deep North – Ashlands – Mistlands populated with materials & creatures.

Player driven In-game economy with a dedicated marketplace

Professions, Group system, Friendslist

More building parts

More monsters and animals

Quests with rewards and a Battlepass

Weekly events

Anti-Cheat to provide a fair gameplay experience

Servers hosted on enterprise grade hardware in Germany

Valheim server ranked top #5 worldwide and 1# server located in the EU & have very positive reviews!

A friendly helpful community consisting of all demographics!

Average 15-30 players online during primetime

Whitelist access via interview

Easy to install modpack

Active discord both text/voice

Ticket system with dedicated moderation/support team

Server costs are 100% Crowdfunded through our Ko-Fi



I love it!
Incredibly challenging with a lot of different gear choices and enchantment possibilities!
I wouldn’t want to play Valheim any other way anymore. 😀

The community might be small but is very helpful and friendly. =)


I’m quite shy in terms of social gaming. I’m not a competitive spirit – I love collaborative building and I hate when it’s complicated (aka “you need to be present every day when the moon is aligned with the sun or else I’ll dump you out of the server”).

This server is absolutely gorgeous : the community is friendly, team driven, takes a lot of time to interact and help players.

It’s modded in a good way- allowing players to re-play the game in a completely different mindset (RPG).

I thought I had finished it, but now I have the pleasure to re-experience it another time thanks to this server.

PS : I know they have a PVP map for players who need to fight a bit – but I love their PVE environment.

Strongly recommended.


When I first found the server I thought “Here we go again then, another modded server offering something that it can’t possibly afford” but having played for a few days now I have to admit, I was wrong. It’s heavily modded and offers loads of new content but it does it with a degree of balance you just don’t see with other modded servers.

First day started off with me getting ganked with super strong necks and boars over and over, I remember thinking “this is just crazy!!” but after a few hours, getting some starter equipment and building myself a basic temporary base, getting some better items from loot drops from the still challenging enemies, I’m now well on my way and loving every second of it. I’ve now managed to take down the first boss am entering into the bronze age.

This is undoubtedly the best server I’ve played on and I’ve played on quite a lot of them.


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