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3 different servers which should bring a sandbox MMORPG playstyle for everyone who wants it in a friendly atmosphere. To join the server you have to install server patch from our site Servers are heavily modded to feel like it is a real MMORPG. Read the rules in discord before start playing on ValheimRPG.Online!

Server Features:

1. Three worlds from famous fantasy universes:

  • Azeroth: World Of Warcraft classic map! Old and hard server for those who wants to play on crowded server with the very hard bosses and creatures. Connected with Draenor world with a portal (chars progressions are separate for each world)
  • Draenor: World Of Warcraft Draenor map. New fresh server with hard difficulty. Connected with Azeroth world with a portal (chars progressions are separate for each world). Whitelisted.
  • Tamriel: The Elder Scrolls map. New fresh server with easy-medium difficulty to relax and get nice fantasy experience. Whitelisted.

2. Bounties and Treasure Maps: Merchant gives a list of bounty hunting quests so you can get nice rewards and exchange them for gear. Also you can buy a treasure map to go dig up and get some good loot!
3. New loot system: as in MMO/Action RPGs you can get some graded loot (green, yellow, epic etc) with some fancy affixes. Enchanting and Augmentation system also can help to get geared like a boss.
4. Map sharing: you can share the map when you meet another player or craft a table with a map so anyone who will find it will get that map’s progress added.
5. Class system: you can choose a class with unique skills for your character. 12 classes available now!
6. Skills system: in addition to classes you can craft the runes with skills on use. Those items can be crafted with specific world boss drop items.
7. Legendary weapons are available for crafting! Each wepon type hase it’s unique legendary variation with cool animation and stats!
8. Finally you can delete items, not just dropping it on the ground.
9. You can recycle items on a workbench.
10. Slightly better Inventory UI with slots for equip.
11. A lot of new building blocks, gates, drawbridges etc.
12. Now you can craft your own ship! Or make a sailing on-water base!
13. Quick server connection just in one click, no more manual adding the address and password.
14. Multicraft! Now you can set how many items you want to craft.
15. Autorun option (Q) now runs char in camera’s direction.
16. Wards protection for Portal renaming, pickup crops and items from the ground.
17. Draenor and Tamriel worlds have dungeon reset timer
18. Extended Merchant items list.



Good server. Adm is very atentive to solve any problems and update the server


simply one of the best servers going.
Always frequently being updated.
The super friendly player base adds some fun to the mix.
Super cool features its made me addicted to it.


RPG Online is a great server. Tons of QOL and difficulty mods, kept updated constantly. Friendly players, no griefing, and the admin is very receptive. Overall, 5 stars!


This is a highly recommended server. The features are balanced, the difficulty levels of the worlds allow you to play exactly how you like. The administration is extremely reliable, fast and insanely knowledgeable. It is simply fun to play here.


Three servers with fun mods and a very active admin – what’s there to dislike? Varied difficulty settings for each server and a helpful community make this an excellent choice for old and new players alike.


turns valheim into a totally badass and new game…..classes are awesome, so many cool items


A well maintained server with great choices of complementary mods, active admin, and cool pre-made maps.


I’ve been playing on this server since launch. This is a really good server. Admin is based and so are the people who play here. Love how much its progressed with the updates and new content added, feels like there is always more to come.


Great sv, friendly admin and cool mods.


Interesting concept, will drop in to visit often. I’ve a lot of friends that used to play wow, so this is quite a nostalgic touch.

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