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Viking Haul

Hello Traveler! Having troubles finding a Forever Home? Issues with other servers progressing too fast? Not enough active players? Well you found the right spot! Viking Haul is a Vanilla Forever Home Community For Adults Only! We all have that common lifestyle which is work all day come home to family/partner and only having a few hours a day or selected days out of the week to play. And wants to join a STABLE active community that doesnt progress too fast or doesnt make it to the end with a team! well this is your HOME Here’s a few key points of information about us here down below (Season 2 Active)

– 18+ = Adults Only
– 20+ active players on at all times (peak 30+)
– New Characters
– Xbox Community welcomed
– Slow Progression Community
– Professionally Hosted 16GB RAM
– TimeZone/PlayerBase = ALL OVER
– PC Server (50 slots)
– Vanilla Gameplay (with FEW Community Voted QOL MODS to enhance Vanilla experience for PC)
– Current progression for BOTH PC/Xbox Community (Bronze Age)
– Each age lasts 2 weeks RL time
– Active Owner/Admins/Team
– Hosted Weekly Events for BOTH Communities



Hi, I’m a passionate builder.

First and foremost, I’m only writing this review because the player below had unfairly “review-lash” the community owners/team for a very minor warning.

Of which is very rare! I’ve been here since Season 1 and could testify that the player should have heeded the numerous instructions to partake the issue into the proper channel. (Very simple, one click!)

There will be times when some community members will feel the need to lash out over their own error(s) onto others. Especially with that guilt-trippy force of hand description. (I understand clearly as I’ve used to manage communities)

With that in mind, I would like to apologize on behalf of that player to the community team and owners for the way my peer had interacted with you all. I sincerely hope that everyone can get along and continue Viking around in peace!

Now my actual review for the game:

Light Vanilla with QoL mods ✔
Player-base is overall friendly ✔
Community Team is active and supportive ✔
Events and Custom Dungeons ✔
Decent Progression ✔
Efficient rules and limits ✔
Lots of fun and Voice-chatting ✔
Community hub and assist ✔
Lots of exploration and size ✔
Dying ✔

Beware: Desyncing and/or Server Lag will be a thing at times! (Obviously- but trippy!)

– Zebra Milk


I am a builder at heart with over 6000 hours into the game.

As it is, I have seen my fair share of servers and I joined Viking Haul when they started up Season 2 and its been an interesting journey.. the initial selling point was this is a “Vanilla”-server, which it is Not. They have ~28 mods installed, where some are somewhat questionable (AAA Crafting, Veinmine, XRayVision etc). I do understand that you want to make the gameplay more interesting, but then dont go around saying this is Vanilla, cause it not.

The playerbase is really friendly, and they have a good server Admin (Bear).. but then you have wannabe admins (called moderators), who apparently live by the rule “management by fear”. Was given a warning (in public chat), for pointing out an error which prevented players from connecting to the server (even tried to help some of the players who werent able to connect), thus further cementing the feel of admins on a power trip.

But if you are OK with the real possibity of getting warned, kicked or banned for speaking your mind, then this definately is the server for you.

– Have I enjoyed my actual gameplay on the server so far? Sure, its alright. There are some really good, friendly players here.

– Can I recommend this server? Not sure, game servers are built by their player base, not admins on a power trip.

– Will I get kicked for this review? Most likely, but that will only prove my point.

So until the owner (Boba) gets his “team” in check, I suggest finding some other place to make your home.


Very inaccurate information.. you just don’t know how to listen to rules nor how we operate around here.. we have 0 problems with players bringing up issues it’s the fact your not using our ticket system so it’s easier on the team to respond and keep track of the (issues) your just a very negative person in our Community and have somthing to complain about on EVERYTHING We have a system and your not using it nor listening to the rules you left that part out of your (review) so if I where you might wanna rethink that review about it being (honest) because it’s not you literally just can’t follow instructions


Awesome server! Spending waay to much time on here. 🙂

Also, VMan said it here first…
vman: (5/5 STAR) AUGUST 18, 2023
Great community! Playing with this group’s been really chill

Great server…great people..even better moderators


Hej! To play Valheim means a lot to me. It gives me challenges, but it also gives me relaxation.
Getting to play with people in Viking Haul is absolutely fantastic fun, like getting to build and getting to fight side by side with people you’ve never met before.
We fight trolls and serpents, among other things. We help each other. We trading goods with each other in order to survive.
We are not just individuals, but together we create something bigger and we do that here at Viking Haul.
I can say that Valheim burns in my heart.
The Viking Haul team puts in so much time to ensure that we as players get the maximum experience of Valheim.
At Viking Haul, we all fight side by side to reach a common goal.
Come and play with us.
We leave no one behind.


Heya y’all, I just want to say this is an amazing community, me being an extremely new player to valheim and extremely fresh to modding, I had massive struggles trying to get into the server and the moderators and owners were there helping me every step of the way, the players in this server is amazing, nice, helping and just a joy to be around, owners and staff is nice, funny, and sarcastic.

So if you’re a sensitive lil bitch dont cry when jokes are made, they arent pointed at you, they are just a general joke


This is a phenomenal server. QOL only mods, active player base, active admins, large community builds and plenty of people to help one another out. Admins have events and there’s always someone to adventure with. Going to spend much more time on here. Can’t wait to make a another big village with the crew and see what others build throughout the season. Here’s to another season of Viking Adventure and Shenanigans!


I’ve tried about 3 other Valheim servers before trying out Vikinghaul. My expectations were that it would be the same as the others….dead community with only a few people interacting on a regular basis and difficult to fit in.

Vikinghaul owner and admins made me feel so at home. There is a lot of chatter in the community and the seasons keeps people interested in playing after the end game comes along.

I highly recommend this server…lots of good people who are a pleasure to play with.


I have joined since the first days of Season one and have put in more than 200 hours alone. Loved the group of people and how the admin supported players with a variety of unique concerns. Season 2 is even bigger and better! Come join a community or go solo, either way you have support whenever you need it.


This is one of my favorite games. Since release I’ve tried a lot of different communities, but this one is hands down one of the best. The commitment of the team is awesome! Everyone is super chill, helpful, and nice. It doesn’t matter when you start, people will help you out! There are players from all around the world, so you’ll always find someone to play with! If you are tired of joining communities that keep dying on you, try here!


Great Ppl all around , cant think of any issues i run into I can take my time in these servers even tho others have pressed on. Trading is pretty good here as well if you are not into the adventure mode .


I have hardly ever come accross a community that’s this open, friendly and helpful.

The owners sacrifice a significant portion of their own time to keep everything running smoothly. Everyone playing is willing to help each other and new people out.

Really enjoy playing here, I’ve been doing so for the past months.

The ‘Cityslicker’ review below is as far from the truth as can be, and no I am not part of the staff. Come here if you want to play and have a wonderful time doing so.


Really dig this server. I play in a couple and this one is definitely my favorite. Admins are fantastic about talking with players and helping fix problems. It’s pretty nice feeling heard and knowing they have your back on issues. The community is growing which makes for a cool experience meeting all kinds of players. Definitely recommend for adults who want a play through that gives you time to work on game play and builds, but doesn’t take forever to progress. They are always looking for fresh eyes and ears to help out with assisting players as well, so if that’s your jam this place is the place to be.


New here, Great community, friendly staff, highly active 10/10 recommend


Very Friendly staff and owner, and feel live in the discord


I recently joined this community and I have nothing but good things to say about it!
The owners, admins and members are all wonderful to speak to and play with and the best part is I joined just in time for a brand new server being made!

If loxback riding and taverns and inns for weary travellers sounds like your sort of thing, I really recommend just popping into see how it is. That’s what I did, and now I’m in for the long haul!


I have joined this community hoping to find some nice people and spend my summer playing Valheim. What I found was a tribe of smart and funny people who love to build, pull pranks and most of all help everyone! It’s addictive and way more than I expected. I found my Home, come find yours!


Amazing server, amazing people. 10/10 would recommend!


Viking Haul is one of the best servers I’ve had the pleasure of playing on Valheim. Great community and great admins who are always engaging with the community. 10/10


mature and chill community. 100% would recommend!


Been playing as new pc player with this community since start. So I want people to come check it out. Its beautiful community with no rush and helpful so you enjoy the game like its meant to be . Admins are always up for suggestions and improving gaming experience basically all time to help you if you have any issues. They are basically odins out of the game. Always fun events things to do so you get fun stuff time to time. and look out for everyone old or new. Especially for new players. I would advise any new or any old players into valheim to go and check this out. One of the best decision I have made. Thank you all the community for this joyride.


what a great community they offer both a pc and Xbox server making sure no one is left out. The admin team at Viking Haul always seem to working hard at getting the best for everyone upgrading server hosts to give everyone a better play experience. From the assistants right up to the server owner are all super helpful and are always around and willing to help you with any problems you get.
the server runs 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about missing any Valheim time with people playing from all over the world it truly is a great community to be apart of, I for one am really glad I found it, if it wasn’t for Viking Haul and the team there I would have stopped playing Valheim months ago. the players there are great all super helpful with not just knowledge but also helping out providing materials and weapons to get you started.


Great community! Playing with this group’s been really chill

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