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Welcome to Viking Haul: Your Premier Valheim Community!

We are thrilled to announce that Viking Haul is reopening for Season 4 on the 16th! As the ultimate destination for Valheim enthusiasts, we are proud to offer three distinct playstyles across three servers: crossplay, vanilla, and modded. This diversity ensures that every Viking, regardless of their preference, finds their perfect gaming experience with us.

**Why Choose Viking Haul?**

– **Adult Community:** We foster a mature and respectful environment, making our community welcoming for all adult players.
– **Safe and Secure:** Your safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing a secure space where everyone feels at home.
– **Diverse Communities:** Whether you enjoy a leisurely pace of progression or thrive in active engagement, Viking Haul has a place for you.
– **Professional Hosting:** Our servers are professionally hosted, ensuring smooth and seamless connections for all players.
– **Global Reach:** Vikings from all corners of the globe are welcome here. We have players from every time zone, making for a vibrant and diverse community.
– **Weekly Events:** Get ready for exhilarating weekly events available across all servers. There’s always something exciting happening in Viking Haul.
– **Comprehensive Guides:** From beginners to seasoned Vikings, our detailed guides cover every aspect of the game, ensuring you have the knowledge to succeed.

**Server Highlights**

**CrossPlay Server:**

– Embrace the console experience with open arms for Xbox or gamepass players.
– Enjoy a pure vanilla setting with 0 mods, perfect for those seeking the authentic Valheim experience.

**Vanilla Experience Server:**

– Dive into vanilla gameplay enhanced with safety mods, ensuring a legitimate and secure environment.
– Benefit from an easy setup guide for our modpack, designed to get you started without any hassle.

**Modded Server:**

– **Jewel Crafting:** Explore the depths of strategy with a new socket system, allowing for significant enhancements.
– **WarfareAndIce:** Venture into the Ashlands and Deep North with advanced end-game content, raising the stakes and excitement.
– **Monstrum:** Discover a richer ecosystem filled with new monsters and mini-bosses, perfect for combat and taming enthusiasts.
– **MonstrumDeepNorth & MonstrumAshland:** Experience unique monsters, locations, and new bosses in the expanded Deep North and Ashland biomes.

Join Viking Haul today and embark on an unparalleled Valheim adventure. With camaraderie and epic quests awaiting, your Viking saga starts here.



Played the previous modded season and donated to play the current one for 1 month. Played at launch and then life caught up with me and havent had time to play since.

I have been keeping tabs on the updates for when i have time to play or the season resets only to find out today i have been kicked from the server for no reason.

Quite disappointing really, I havent broken rules, just didnt have much time currently.

If this is how they treat people on breaks, then maybe those previous staff comments had a ring of truth to it.


Solid group. Perfect for people who want to play multiplayer, but not have it too crowded. If you love modded, it’s a nice balance of modded enough to be fun, but not too modded to no longer feel like OG Valheim. Moderators are active and part of the community. People are friendly and willing to help. You just have to step in and you’re already fam here.


This community is fantastic and the admin team are amazingly helpful when it comes to any rare issues that may arise. Would recommend to all other vikings!


Just 2 days in now but an amazing experience thusfar! Owner and staff have always been fast and friendly with me and the server works smoothly. Met a few new awesome Valheim fans and the group process is for me a cherry on the cake!


So far having a blast on the fresh map! Have already met a few fallen ones vying for valhalla! The servers speed is top notch for me, im the U.S. boats don’t take constant damage while sailing, game play is like butter and the vanilla has been seasoned with small touch of cinnamon with random structures actually worth taking over, slight increase in mob spawns throwing a bit more resources and difficulty your way! I’d highly recommend starting your next journey here!


A fantastic group of mods with an approachable community of players in many different timezones so it’s always possible that you will find people online to game with. Haven’t got a bad word to say about it. Come join us and have a laugh


I can’t speak to any of the drama since I’m just a player. As far as my experience, it’s been positive. No issues on my end and I’ve been enjoying playing Valheim on this server.

I like this one because there are fewer players and I get to explore the world more and build cool structures.


For a new player of Valheim I had a great time on the server….. If your a new player and just playing for casual and enjoying….. The server is new player friendly 👍


A few things. First I want to be transparent in that I’m a totally new player and I joined at a turmultuous time.

To the old staff, you guys did indeed do some great work. You appeared to be kind, courteous, and had a deep understanding of running a modded server; However you chose to make personal disputes between internal workings, public to innocent players. I know not which of you did that, but it did happen and for each one star review here, you’re just as guilty as the one who did it.

To Boba, the owner, I’ve spoken with you several times and you’ve never lied from what I can tell. In fact, some of the statements by old staff are very true and you admitted to them. For example, you’ve been very transparent in that you don’t know “Tech” all that well, but you do know enough to get by. To me that is a perfect example of integrity, even when it hurts. It’s difficult for many to admit they don’t know something.

To anyone reading this review. Objectively, the true owners are honest people, and all this drama happened because of others’ lack of integrity, so who do you believe the ones dropping 1 star reviews after they were found out, or the ones who started all this drama because they attempted to stop the integrity issues?

I think the answer is obvious that the old staff, and the 1 star reviews, and the deleted data on the server, all speak volumes about the people before in that they lie, cheat, steal, or are completely misguided by someone among them.

It’s a truly fantastic server, built by people who were misguided, and run by someone with a history of running amazing communities. I think the owners will soon find forgiveness for those that have wronged them. The current owners have made no statements that the old staff didn’t do anything, and truly appreciated what they had done, but they went too far, and crossed a line, and received the appropriate ban.

Note: The owners attempted to resolve this internally, without going to such lengths, but the old staff proved to lack maturity.

Grumpy Old Man

I am new to this server game playing. The people on here make me feel welcome from the moment I got here. I have troubles figuring out how do some stuff and they are there to help get things done right. I would recommend this server in a heart beat if you are looking for a great friendly atmosphere to feel welcome.


Having a blast. Great server! Give it a go!


I have enjoyed this server.
I would be upset with anyone who attempted to tear down the server so that I can’t use it.
People who are not trying to tear down ALL or PART of the server I enjoy playing, are the good people.
Others, not so much.

Resting Lounge

After hearing the old admins who where kicked off the team for abusing power and trying to take advantage of the situation I had to come put my 2 cents in. It’s 1 thing for internal drama within a team. But for these players to completely drag the playerbase into this by the hair is unacceptable. They deleted all the Whitelisted players, thus dragging the whole community into a fight which they should have been able to resolve “behind the scenes” is just childish, and hurts the whole player base.

I for one would not like to see either of these players on any servers in the future.. at least not as admins, since they cant be trusted. As for ACTUAL in game server content and management. Its phenomenal. Not 1 but 2 Owners work continuously to make sure the players are taken care of, and excellent content is provide. Its just VERY sad to see a group of players stoop THIS LOW and try to get friends to post false negative reviews which honestly make me laugh.


Good server, friendly people, owner is nice. Recently there was a bit of drama with the admin team but it happens. All it takes is one bad egg and all of a sudden everyone’s split into sides, but the server and owner are perfectly fine and everything runs pretty smooth

I’m extremely new to Valheim console and it has been a battle to find good and operable severs for Xbox. Viking Haul has exceeded my expectations by a lot. The owner and the playerbase are always so nice and helpful and the community is always thriving with events and new seasons. I’ve had no problems with the owner, he has helped me in many problems, especially one where I made a horrible mistake and was stupidly, unknowingly, had op items from the previous server. After resetting and sorting things out, the owner was still extremely kind and understanding.

They offer modded, crossplay, and vanilla severs which I love the variety. If you need a console community to join, these people are the ones to join as I have had nothing but fun while playing on their server.

Sadly, many childish “adults” have heavily sabotaged the server just out of petty spite. Don’t believe any one star review from admins because those same “admins” attacked the owner AND the playerbase because of their childish qualms. It sucks that these “people” attacked not just the owner, but the players and then proceeds to write one star bias reviews because they are upset little kids who didn’t get their way. They wanted to cheat by using their admin tools on their legit character which apparently, it was a big problem for them which makes no sense, they would rather have their cheating tools and power over players rather than play legitimately like the rest of us.

Please give this server a try, the community and playerbase are amazing people and don’t let a few childish, bad apples ruin your experience.

Imagine being told to play legitimately along with all the other players but end up throwing a tantrum, deleting all player ID’s and sabotage the server even after the saboteurs were refunded any support money and any thing they created was removed so they could complain about the server using “their” bots and scripts. These same admins write fake reviews on here after they attacked US, the players..


Lovely server with hardworking staff <3 I am having a great time here within a fun team (I wrote a team song for it)


all the previews 1 star review are from angry admin who had a personal fight. the server works fine and smooth. im in a group with 7 players building toghether a base and its a lot of fun!

give it a try!


I have been on this server since August. I initially joined the modded server but found that I preferred an unmodded game. To my delight I found out they were planning a vanilla server so hung around until season 3 started a few days ago. I am not a member of the admin team, I’m just a normal player who is very happy with the server

In all my dealing with the owner he has been polite, helpful and responds rapidly.Nothing is too much effort.

He has informed us in discord that he recently found out that some admins were using their player accounts as opposed to their admin accounts while teleporting etc. He has informed us that they argued that it was too much effort to change accounts (seriously guys??).

I have seen some very derogatory reviews here from those ex staff and felt I should point that out here as their reviews do not in any way reflect my experience on the server or with the owner.


I came from a very strict server, and I found these gents through reddit, I love the freedom, and adequate moderation, if you are looking for some nice social contact while playing Valheim, than this your stop to just relax and have fun.
Even if you are a new player to the online platform this is a great place to start.

Oaken Woaden

Awesome servers! Highly recommend. Very professional team and they are all about their community and what the players want. Valheim needs an amazing group like this to bring people together in a fair and fun environment. I’ve been in many gaming servers for years and this one is really great!


This is my first time joining a community Valheim server, and I must say Vikinghaul has been a fantastic first experience for me.

I was lucky enough to join in time for season 2 (a completely new start) and become a part of the xbox portion of Vikinghaul. Everything has been fantastic so far including the community and staff. Everyone on the server has been super friendly and fun to interact with, and the staff have been pretty quick to answer any questions or concerns one might have. And I’ve been really enjoying the way they format progression on the server making all players like myself feel like they have no need for rush with enough time to get everything done before going on to the next zone. If you’re an xbox player like me I can highly suggest this server if you’re looking for an interactive, fun and friendly community to play with.


This is the healthiest server I have ever been apart of. First time to mods and I was walked through everything until I was in the game. Quality control is very high as well as a good community of helpful players. 10/10 always recommend for PC gamers and the like.


Been among this server for awhile now and can safely say that’s its one of the good ones. Very active server at all times, plenty of people on to help out with anything you ask. Admin team goes above and beyond to help out with anything they can. It is a slower progression for sure but that makes it all more immersive. Please check it out and give it a try. – Gunnar


Hi, I’m a passionate builder.

First and foremost, I’m only writing this review because the player below had unfairly “review-lash” the community owners/team for a very minor warning.

Of which is very rare! I’ve been here since Season 1 and could testify that the player should have heeded the numerous instructions to partake the issue into the proper channel. (Very simple, one click!)

There will be times when some community members will feel the need to lash out over their own error(s) onto others. Especially with that guilt-trippy force of hand description. (I understand clearly as I’ve used to manage communities)

With that in mind, I would like to apologize on behalf of that player to the community team and owners for the way my peer had interacted with you all. I sincerely hope that everyone can get along and continue Viking around in peace!

Now my actual review for the game:

Light Vanilla with QoL mods ✔
Player-base is overall friendly ✔
Community Team is active and supportive ✔
Events and Custom Dungeons ✔
Decent Progression ✔
Efficient rules and limits ✔
Lots of fun and Voice-chatting ✔
Community hub and assist ✔
Lots of exploration and size ✔
Dying ✔

Beware: Desyncing and/or Server Lag will be a thing at times! (Obviously- but trippy!)

– Zebra Milk


Awesome server! Spending waay to much time on here. 🙂

Also, VMan said it here first…
vman: (5/5 STAR) AUGUST 18, 2023
Great community! Playing with this group’s been really chill

Great server…great people..even better moderators


Hej! To play Valheim means a lot to me. It gives me challenges, but it also gives me relaxation.
Getting to play with people in Viking Haul is absolutely fantastic fun, like getting to build and getting to fight side by side with people you’ve never met before.
We fight trolls and serpents, among other things. We help each other. We trading goods with each other in order to survive.
We are not just individuals, but together we create something bigger and we do that here at Viking Haul.
I can say that Valheim burns in my heart.
The Viking Haul team puts in so much time to ensure that we as players get the maximum experience of Valheim.
At Viking Haul, we all fight side by side to reach a common goal.
Come and play with us.
We leave no one behind.


Heya y’all, I just want to say this is an amazing community, me being an extremely new player to valheim and extremely fresh to modding, I had massive struggles trying to get into the server and the moderators and owners were there helping me every step of the way, the players in this server is amazing, nice, helping and just a joy to be around, owners and staff is nice, funny, and sarcastic.

So if you’re a sensitive lil bitch dont cry when jokes are made, they arent pointed at you, they are just a general joke


This is a phenomenal server. QOL only mods, active player base, active admins, large community builds and plenty of people to help one another out. Admins have events and there’s always someone to adventure with. Going to spend much more time on here. Can’t wait to make a another big village with the crew and see what others build throughout the season. Here’s to another season of Viking Adventure and Shenanigans!


I’ve tried about 3 other Valheim servers before trying out Vikinghaul. My expectations were that it would be the same as the others….dead community with only a few people interacting on a regular basis and difficult to fit in.

Vikinghaul owner and admins made me feel so at home. There is a lot of chatter in the community and the seasons keeps people interested in playing after the end game comes along.

I highly recommend this server…lots of good people who are a pleasure to play with.


I have joined since the first days of Season one and have put in more than 200 hours alone. Loved the group of people and how the admin supported players with a variety of unique concerns. Season 2 is even bigger and better! Come join a community or go solo, either way you have support whenever you need it.


This is one of my favorite games. Since release I’ve tried a lot of different communities, but this one is hands down one of the best. The commitment of the team is awesome! Everyone is super chill, helpful, and nice. It doesn’t matter when you start, people will help you out! There are players from all around the world, so you’ll always find someone to play with! If you are tired of joining communities that keep dying on you, try here!


Great Ppl all around , cant think of any issues i run into I can take my time in these servers even tho others have pressed on. Trading is pretty good here as well if you are not into the adventure mode .


I have hardly ever come accross a community that’s this open, friendly and helpful.

The owners sacrifice a significant portion of their own time to keep everything running smoothly. Everyone playing is willing to help each other and new people out.

Really enjoy playing here, I’ve been doing so for the past months.

The ‘Cityslicker’ review below is as far from the truth as can be, and no I am not part of the staff. Come here if you want to play and have a wonderful time doing so.


Really dig this server. I play in a couple and this one is definitely my favorite. Admins are fantastic about talking with players and helping fix problems. It’s pretty nice feeling heard and knowing they have your back on issues. The community is growing which makes for a cool experience meeting all kinds of players. Definitely recommend for adults who want a play through that gives you time to work on game play and builds, but doesn’t take forever to progress. They are always looking for fresh eyes and ears to help out with assisting players as well, so if that’s your jam this place is the place to be.


New here, Great community, friendly staff, highly active 10/10 recommend


Very Friendly staff and owner, and feel live in the discord


I recently joined this community and I have nothing but good things to say about it!
The owners, admins and members are all wonderful to speak to and play with and the best part is I joined just in time for a brand new server being made!

If loxback riding and taverns and inns for weary travellers sounds like your sort of thing, I really recommend just popping into see how it is. That’s what I did, and now I’m in for the long haul!


I have joined this community hoping to find some nice people and spend my summer playing Valheim. What I found was a tribe of smart and funny people who love to build, pull pranks and most of all help everyone! It’s addictive and way more than I expected. I found my Home, come find yours!


Amazing server, amazing people. 10/10 would recommend!


Viking Haul is one of the best servers I’ve had the pleasure of playing on Valheim. Great community and great admins who are always engaging with the community. 10/10


mature and chill community. 100% would recommend!


Been playing as new pc player with this community since start. So I want people to come check it out. Its beautiful community with no rush and helpful so you enjoy the game like its meant to be . Admins are always up for suggestions and improving gaming experience basically all time to help you if you have any issues. They are basically odins out of the game. Always fun events things to do so you get fun stuff time to time. and look out for everyone old or new. Especially for new players. I would advise any new or any old players into valheim to go and check this out. One of the best decision I have made. Thank you all the community for this joyride.


what a great community they offer both a pc and Xbox server making sure no one is left out. The admin team at Viking Haul always seem to working hard at getting the best for everyone upgrading server hosts to give everyone a better play experience. From the assistants right up to the server owner are all super helpful and are always around and willing to help you with any problems you get.
the server runs 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about missing any Valheim time with people playing from all over the world it truly is a great community to be apart of, I for one am really glad I found it, if it wasn’t for Viking Haul and the team there I would have stopped playing Valheim months ago. the players there are great all super helpful with not just knowledge but also helping out providing materials and weapons to get you started.


Great community! Playing with this group’s been really chill

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