heil og sæl fellow Vikings
Do you love building? Want to Join a server with friendly individuals that want to work together to build something amazing? We have a server for you Warredest meaning Forest of the Warriors, is a quality building experience, only people who will not grief, cause trouble within this community are welcome!

We only ask that you follow our rules :
1) Be polite, don’t hate on anyone,
2) Discriminatory speech and hate speech (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, slurs) will result in immediate BAN.
3) Do not mic spam, scream, make disturbing background noises in the voice chats.
4) Avoid topics regarding banned members. If you have problems with a banned member, send a direct message to a moderator.
5) Don’t spam messages in chat.
6) Be courteous and respect all community members.
7) No greifing or toxic behavior
8) Keep an open mind respect others dissions & relax build and enjoy
9) Useing exploits cheats are allowed as long as it Doesn’t Hurt, Effect (EVEN IF IT’S POSITIVE) OR Kill Other Players In anyway

Warredest Vanilla Building Server:
– Fresh Server
– Yearly Wipe Cycle
– US Server

Come check us out! in-game using: play.warredest.xyz:2456
The Password is: “Jimbob”



Very Nice Server

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