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1. Sever management

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  • Server name (Text field)
  • IP:Port (Text field)
  • Country (Select)
  • Website (URL field)
  • Discord (URL field)
  • Whitelisted? (Checkbox)
  • Player slots (Number)
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  • Password (Text)
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  • Long description (Text)

2. Account management

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  • Delete account

In addition:

  • Users can write reviews.
    If submitted, the review + the given rating[1/5] is visible under <your server> and applied to <your profile>.
    Rating is also used as sorting option.
  • Ability to send messages to other users.
  • Server favorites.
  • Claim & Report servers.

Creating an account and adding a server to Valheim Servers is free.

My server is still pending?
– All submissions are reviewed manually (intentional), so it could take up to 5 hours for your listing to go live.
My hosting is in a country which is not supported by the list.
– Send us a message : VSL

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