Greetings digital Viking!
Valheim just got released like yesterday and most people haven’t even thought about playing it with mods, so the closest guess is that there are no mods. Well, wrong. Here we will show you how to download and use them with few clicks.
You will need to download r2modman by ekbr from thunderstore or simply just click here

Extract the .zip package.
Windows installation :
– Run r2modman-Setup-3.1.5.exe
Linux :
– chmod u+x r2modman-3.1.5.AppImage
Then run it, or right click and make it an executable, then run it. Now back to where we already have r2modman installed and running.

It is terribly simple:
1.Select Valheim

Create a profile or just go with the Default one.

Now click Online as the program suggests and find a mod that you like, select the mod, an install button will appear, click it and its done!
Make sure to run Valheim modded : Start modded.
If you don’t to use the mod anymore, you can uninstall it from the Installed folder.

Now with all of the above, the mods here are pretty much more than the best Valheim mods (at the moment), they are amazing!
First person by Masa
– Obviously 1st person gameplay Kappa
Quick Deposit by MaGic
– Adds a new button to the container UI (Chests, Carts, Boats), that deposits all stackable items from your inventory to the container (if the container already contains said items).
ValheimFPSBoost by castix
– For low-end systems this one is kind of miraculous. The mod lowers some internal graphic values to gain more fps, however the fps gain can vary between systems.

We find these as very useful AND in some way legal as they are not interfering / altering the actual gameplay. The rest is up to you. Feel free to experiment and always remember – fair play will earn you a good and respected name among the community.

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