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Welcome Viking! Tired of playing alone? Looking for a challenge? Check out the VALHEIM servers list bellow!

Running Your Own VALHEIM Server?

Finally, everything is up and running and now it is time for some new players to join?
We got you!

Create an account and add your server to the VALHEIM server list, it is free and it takes less than 5 minutes! But why investing the time to do so?
We are #1 for multiple keywords on major search engines, which means that we will actually help you out to build a community from ground zero!

Beyond the basics, you can create a fully functional, clean and nice looking landing page. This might be very useful if you do not want to invest in development and hosting of a website yet. Make sure to write a good description as people from the VALHEIM community like to read!

[UNiT] Cthulhu

UNiT is a community driven & vanilla friendly Valheim server. We have massive PvE and PvP events, and have had…

Max Players: 10
Type: Vanilla
Focus: PvE

Church of the Holy Sardini

Prospective follower of the Holy Sardine, Are you looking for a place to learn, grow, and explore the vast pastures…

Whitelist: Yes
Max Players: 25
Type: Vanilla
Focus: PvE


A Valheim community where the bees are happy. Join our Discord for details. SEASON 3 LAUNCH – Delayed due to…

Whitelist: Yes
Max Players: 50
Type: Modded
Focus: PvE

Filter options and more Valheim servers to join can be found at the complete, public Valheim list page.

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