The Gentlemen's Competitive Club

The Gentlemen's Competitive Club The Gentlemen's Competitive Club

Join our Discord server, and let’s get playing the best version of Valheim!

The Gentleman’s Competitive Club is a modded Valheim Plus server, started by two cousins who enjoy Valheim and the small world they are building.

We invite men across the United States and Canada to join our modded server as we journey into Valheim.

Here is what we have to offer so far:

*PVE Modded Server – Valheim Plus
*Competitive yet friendly banter
*Fixed stamina mechanic to make Valheim more enjoyable to explore
*Improved sprinting, swimming, and resource gathering mechanic
*Increased carrying amount to 600
*Increased stack amounts in inventory by double
*Increased storage capacity for all chests
*Reduced the overall weight of items
*Disabled roof exposure to use a workbench
*Increased workbench radius significantly
*Gathering and building tools degrade significantly slower
*Extended structural integrity to be able to build further
*Torches do not extinguish
*Increased beehive production
*Increased kiln and furnace production speed and capacity
*Increased map reveal, and shared map reveal with all players on the server
*All players are revealed on map
*Many more features to come as we discuss improvements to the server and grow with the Valheim Plus Mod

Our goal is to create the most enjoyable Valheim experience possible, by limiting all the annoyances and time dumps, while maintaining the satisfaction of progression and moderate difficulty.

Rules for The Gentleman’s Competitive Club
1. You must have and uphold a gentleman’s standard
2. You must be male and over the age of 25
3. You must reside in the United States or Canada and speak English
4. You must join the discord server and have a mic and speak to an admin before being allowed into the server, a mic is encouraged while in the server

Please join our Discord server, introduce yourself, and await contact from an admin.

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