Ragnarök Hardcore PvP

Ragnarök Hardcore PvP

Hardcore PvP server

Full loot PvP

Marauders vs Yggdrasil Tribe , New Kingdom in Development

Perma-DeathVoluntary Play Style (optional.)


Resources not required to build on our server

Anything not protected by wards in our world can be stolen! Robbery is encouraged! Warded player homes are protected via rules

Quality of life mods ok

Server back-ups.

Epic Loot!

Valheim Plus! +40% xp gains

PvP-Always-On mod Required for all players.

Pledge loyalty to the Yggdrassil Tribe, or survive in the wilds as a Marauder alone or with friends in a thieves guild. Marauders have no loyalties so watch your back!

North American west coast server.

!! Join our Discord https://discord.gg/XhDcpqAvTs !!

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