The Flat-heim Society

The Flat-heim Society

The Flat-heim society

We provide a 24/7 NA Dedicated (Central) based 50 slot modded server

Fresh Wipe Server on PTR branch for the time being for testing

Our Message
Were looking for more believers to join our flat way of life, Our Flat-Heim aims to provide a slightly different experience, one that is challenging yet rewarding. Meanwhile also expanding our reach to the far flat corners of this forsaken Heim, in search of what could be new lands and new adventure. There is still much to do and explore. We would love to see you join in on the fun!

What we deliver
A long term set of server’s to play on with max uptime and QOL additions
A growing mature community, flat-heim aint for kids and non-believers
An atmosphere for some light RP
A place to have fun and relax

How to become a Flat-heimer?
Leave your beliefs of a spherical-heim behind,
Click the link below and drop an app.
We look forward to seeing you !



Very fun server to play on. Wipes, high player count, upcoming events, good players and good mods

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