Cryptoheim Cryptoheim

If you do not have discord and want the server password then email: [email protected]

Contracts(Quests) can be posted and paid in real cryptocurrency and viewed in blockchain. We have a surprise for everyone starting out our server. Quests will be posted on discord and website soon. This is going to make for a very fun server! To the first step!!! Join our discord to get the password to the server. To get to the Portal Nexus you have to make it passed the Castle Maze or feel free to roam.

Update: 6/7/2021
-The Token we are using is called Discord Gold DG – it is a token based on BitcoinCash BCH
-You can buy DG with BCH and transfer both ways. Transfers within Discord have no fee!(see Discord Server)
-We released a new bot named Quest Broker (Alpha v1) that is a centralized quest market-bot using real currency.
-Easter Egg Hunts coming soon with a prize of Discord Gold for whoever find it first.

Update: 6/22/2021
-PVP Arena complete
-First pvp tournament held with the winner getting a prize of Discord Gold(next match soon)
-Special District areas have Holds that are up for sale using Bitcoin Cash Token(you can still explore the land and build anywhere else for free)
-Quest Broker is being used will success and will be updated soon!
-Easter Egg hunt coming soon..

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