Tyrenheim Tyrenheim

Welcome to Tyrenheim!

As a community, we are one of the highest rated, and most established Valheim servers. We have a handful of very active admins that make sure everyone’s Valheim experience is the best one we can provide. Joining is as easy as clicking on the Discord link and following the instructions. This process is required so we can whitelist you, and keep our community safe!

Tyrenheim’s first and most important objective is having a server free from cheaters or griefers. With a strong anti-cheat, and nearly exhaustive logs, we can pinpoint almost any event that has happened in the server. Currently we have the server set to allow 128 simultaneous players; this is expected to grow as our community does.

One thing that sets us apart, is that we have THE BEAST. It’s our own dedicated hardware that is housed in a state-of-the-art datacenter to offer the best gaming experiences Valheim has to offer.

We are mainly a PvE server, with of course dedicated places for PvP. We love having builders in our server, as they provide inspiration to everyone. We have a merchant guild where players act as traders for all the goods in the game by trading with gold coins.

There are towns and villages spread across the map, with some special built POI that are unique to our server. The only way to figure out what they are is to come check us out!

We want the server to reflect our community, and that changes with the awesome people within it; this is why we are looking for new members to join us!

Join the discord for the IP, Password and more information!



An excellent extra big Valheim server.
Lots of great additions to Tyrenheim that make adventuring and combat even more fun. Love that there is no sleep, which makes it more realistic. There is a great community that is always willing to support new players. Just ask in chat!


Tyrenheim server is a great server for anyone who loves Valheim. With over 1000 Hours in, been on Tyrenheim Since season 2. Mods add loads of fun and variety without overdoing it. Every Season is like a new adventure. Tyrenheim keeps it fresh, making it my top server to play valheim. Five Stars


I like the Server is an interning one, community is very active, specially at the beginning of a season. Rules are rules, and the moderators are on constantly rdy to help or to drop the rule book on you. So is great but beware, the gods are watching. All in all, hope over, have some fun and test ur survival skills. =)


Of all the modded servers in all the games I’ve played (and there’s a lot of them) this place has been well adminned, well taken care of, and is a great place to game and progress. the mods selected each season are great and work well in making the overall game smooth. I love Tyrenheim, it’s a great place to explore with others or solo


Very good server, been having fun on the new season, they added lots of new features to the server.
Been haveing a very good time playing the past week.


Been playing on this server since season 7, around the end of 2022. The community is awesome and super helpful, often high population and with little to no lag issues, and the owner/admin team are extremely helpful. There is always something fun to do beyond vanilla, though it is not oversaturated with mods like some other community servers. It can be a little harsh starting out, but the community is often willing to lend a hand to new players and give pointers. Highly recommend to all, give it a shot – you will not be disappointed!


Hello! I personally are enjoying not only the game modded (is my first go at modded valheim) but the community has been friendly and fun to talk with. They are helpful and the staff make sure to get issues fixed and any problems regarding players or technical gets fixed quickly and quietly. I brought a friend in and she has enjoyed the community and game very much. We both would recommend this community to anyone.


For me there are four primary facets of any good online game that equate to a fun and enjoyable experience. Allow me to break them down;
The world:
The devs of this server have packed it full of fun and challenging features making for a solid experience. Not for the feint of heart, nonetheless.
The tech:
They are running this on a monster server. If only Valheim netcode knew about this future union and had time to wear something nice!
The Community:
There’s a very helpful an friendly community, including the moderators, and a lot of respect for fellow vikings on the server. Griefing is not tolerated at all, but thankfully griefers seem to stay away from this place because of its sophisticated electronic and social fortification.
In short. I would highly recommend this server to anyone who is passionate about Valheim. Personally, other than the community and awesome custom world (that doesn’t stray too far from Vanilla to still be the authentic Valheim experience, I love that I myself can’t use the console “just a little” anymore, so I really have to plan and use all of the skills that I have acquired in my 800 hours of playing Valheim. (I’m only about 20 hours into Tyrenheim).


Playing on Tyrenheim is the best Valheim experience you can make.
This server allows you to socket gems with nice bonuses into your gear. And oh boy, you will need those bonus to fight the stronger enemies and bosses.
There are always enough player online for you to find brave vikings to fight by your side or nice fellas to help you out. The admins do a good job at keeping the server stable and constant updates show their commitment.

Great server!


I’ve been playing valheim since the day it dropped, been around multiple servers and nothing has compared to this one. active team here! so many helpful people to assist you on the way! but just enough to not take the fun out of the adventure. the Admin team is phenomenal and always willing to help and assist if any issues ever arise, such a rare thing to see in this game. if youre looking for a new home pop on in and give this place a spin!!


My husband and I have been playing on Tyrenheim for multiple seasons now and we love it. The staff has been nothing but helpful and kind and the community is awesome. Looking forward to many more seasons on Tyrenheim!


This is my first Valheim server I have ever played on. I was originally reluctant to try playing Valheim on a server because I had been told most servers had frequent crashes and unbalanced items. However, this is not the case for this server. There has not been a crash since I have been player (~2 weeks) and the difficulty is reasonable for the most part, however, some 1 star creatures do feel a little stronger than in the normal game. But overall, this server is quite good, and the people who play it are nice and will help you if you have trouble or are asking a question.


Back for my second season here and have to give it a thumbs up..great community..very active admins..good mix of mods that dont stray to far from the original game and adds alot more challenge to the late game


I’ve put 500 hours into this season so far and i have a few words to say. The admins are amazing! yes i can’t complain one bit. they help you out when your in distress or answer your questions when they can, they have fun events planned and i cant wait to see what they have going this season.The players are super freindly and will lend a helping hand when needed. the server is definately not for the faint of heart o-1 star regions are pretty normal. but when you step into the 2-3 star regions of the world… things get wild. you’ll have to come see for yourself that mystery.


I have 1.8k game hours of valheim in my steam account and if it wasn’t for Tyrenheim, I barely would’ve hit the 100 hours mark. Been on this server since Season 5.
With a well-chosen bundle of mods, Tyrenheim has a lot to offer without losing track of the original gameplay. There are several custom events, guilds, quests and shops here passionately made by the admins and community members that really enhance your overall valheim experience. On top of that, the community is very friendly and helpful and you’ll find some friends to play with quickly. What I value most about this server tho is that you can go to sleep at night without having to worry about griefers or cheaters that destroy your hard work in some way since these players get zero chance to survive here. You can definitely see the progress and improvements from season to season made by the admins. Of course, some decisions they make aren’t popular to everyone (like cutting out the cartography table or feather fall ability), but they do it for reasons. Also, you get to talk to the admins easily and suggest ideas to find a compromise, which they appreciate and try to implement in one way or another, if your suggestions are good for the server and community. They really do their best.
All in all, it’s a 5 out of 5 for me and I wouldn’t play on any other server than this.


I am relatively new to Tyrenheim, but quickly found the people on the server to be helpful. The staff have put some unique events to the server that will help keep your viking story entertaining, but you have to be prepared for a lot of deaths! The only reason the I didn’t rate it 5 stars is because I am still new and haven’t been able to see everything the server offers (yet).


I have played on this server for several months and it provides a great community and progression for Valheim players looking for a challenging meta that goes well beyond what’s present in vanilla. Beware though, there are occasionally changes that prove unpopular and sometimes the admins are less responsive to negative feedback about changes than I’d like. I would like to see some community polls and feedback about difficulty levels before drastic changes are implemented. If that was the case, I’d be rating 5 stars!


I joined this server after my friends all stopped playing and the world was feeling big and empty. The devs/mods here at Tyrenheim have done a great job establishing a PvE server where folks are quick to help out and griefers are stopped in their tracks.

As some others have said, the worlds progression is harrrsh though.. With the mods to set up increasing difficulty the further you go out from the center, you’re lucky if you can enter the plains against anything not at least 1-starred. Folks are quick to help if you need it, and you will need it.


Best server out there, great balance between difficulty and mods help. This is my second playthrough and I’m loving it. It can be tough if you come from vanilla vlaheim but if you’re up to the challenge you will get the best outta this game! Don’t be intimidated tho, there’s a wonderful community for active players of all time zones that can help you get on your feet. Ingame trading store and players bartering makes this so much more enjoyable. Server stability is great also, and admins are always available. Overall a 10 out of 10 imho.


Ok so I was looking for a modded server and found this one. I can honestly say that it has a great community and I have not seen anyone get into arguments and people help each other alot, including a greatful rescue of my ship when I died. I feel a bit of lag, only when I am around alot of players, but I am from South Africa, so I always expect lag.
TLDR; Great server and great community!


I entered the Tyrenheim world during season 5. Before that i’ve played a few servers but i haven’t met the community i hoped for. Until i got here.. A few days in season 5 made me choose this server over the multitude out there for a few basic but extremely important reasons.

1. The server is amazing from a technical point of view. Lag is rarely present, and when it is… it is because of the game’s coding.. (places with a lot of bad instances. a lot of players in the same area, etc.)
2. The staff is extremely active, helpful and they don’t throw punishments around without a good reason. (Unfortunately a lot of other servers are doing it)
3. Mods. Everything is perfectly balanced. No useless mods, a lot of Tyrenheim exclusive ones.
4. Events. As long as you play here you’ll see a lot of events, SleepyTroll offers daily quests, exploration and survival being the main focus of the events .
5. Although Tyrenheim is mostly a PVE server, as long as both players agree PVP is also allowed.
6. From exploration to boss fights or basebuilding players usually team up for a lot of stuff and it’s not hard to find party members even when you are a new player.

There are a lot of good things to say about this community but in order to make this an honest review i want to add a few downsides as well.

1. Seasons Reset after big periods of time, mainly only after a big update (for some players this is not a downside)
2. If you don’t like hard survival, you will find the world of Tyrenheim as a bit scary in the beginning as the monsters are very powerful.
3. I haven’t seen many new staff members (but this is also not a real downside because the staff is complete and they have a great time average on answering to tickets)

Overall the server doesn’t have any serious downsides, but it has one of the biggest upsides that most of the servers out there lack. The great community behind it. From veteran to new players, admins and so on, everyone is helpful, kind and extremely welcoming.


This is my second season in Tyrenheim, and I have had an incredible experience in the server. I’ve personally never had much interest in playing games like this with others, but the community they have is wonderful. People are always happy to help, or tag along on an adventure. It’s driven me to now help out new players as they join. The admins are always helpful, and tend to get to inquiries in a timely manner. All in all, if you are interested in playing a mass-multiplayer Valheim experience, Tyrenheim is the way to go.


An honest review was requested, an honest review will be provided. This is my second Season, having joined January 2023.

– I am a Patreon, so it’s a good enough community that I pay for the experience willingly. That should say a lot, nearly open and close.
– Staff are great; always amicable, fair, and willing to assist in my experience. Quick to aid and fix issues.
– Awesome custom content, guilds, events, dungeons, and more. The Tyrenheim Dev listens to our suggestions and definitely runs with them; he even developed a new mod from one of my own suggestions which is super flattering to say the least.

– This Season is over the top challenging for casual or disabled players, not just my opinion- Others have voiced the same. You have been warned. You join Tyrenheim looking for bloody abuse, not ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’.
– Bring friends, or make friends. I do not feel that Tyrenheim should be a solo experience, unless you’re a masochist. Play to your strengths, join a team.
– The Feather Cape and Cartography Table were recently banned. I feel as though this should be put forward to anyone looking to join. This decision blindsided many of us and we lost people over it.

Tyrenheim is not a typical Valheim experience, for better or worse. It is not for the faint of heart and this is not just hyperbole- The modpack is designed in such a way that progression is locked behind progressively more challenging creatures, however augmented with higher stats, magic, and new abilities. You’ll leave a pile of bricks behind you once a 3 Star Regenerating Seeker comes popping through the mist after you. Many players do not last their first few days, their broken camps around the Meadows tell their tale.

Other than the few Cons above, definitely a great experience with an above average community. The people are a mixed bag for sure, though you’ll surely find your tribe should you look hard enough. Come see for yourself and see how far you can make it.


I’ve been on this server for about 2 weeks now. I started Valheim with my husband who has since moved on to another game. I was tired of playing alone so decided to try a player server. I come from an MMO background so was worried about toxic players and mods that would ruin the Valheim expereince. Tyrenheim has been a lot of fun for me. I’m a solo player most of the time and like to explore, gather and build. The community is very helpful and chat is always active. The mods on the server are fantastic ! A good mix of build items, quality of life additions and bad guys ! You can tell a lot of thought went into this server and the admins are available and quick to help or answer questions. If you’re looking for a server that you can plant yourself for the long haul…Tyrenheim is the place for you ! Hope to see you there ! 🙂


I have been playing on Tyrenheim for several seasons now. This server offers balanced and interestingly challenging game play. The community is fantastic, Admins and GM’s are quick to resolve any issues and the server availability and uptime is top notch. Thanks Tyrenheim for an amazing Valheim experience!

I’ve put in a fair amount of play time on this server. It is top tier. Admins are responsive and will add events on a regular basis so you continually have something to do and places to go find. They really try to keep the server motivated and will use a season system to restart, rebalance, and spice things up.

The game play isn’t exactly typical. This server leans to the harder side of Valheim. Normal bosses and end game world bosses are no joke and usually require a team to beat. Expect to die on this server, but don’t give up. The server community has your back.

There is an active community that works together to help players at all stages. Whether it’s a brand new player that has never touched Valheim previously, to players geared up to fight world bosses. They are friendly and easy going. Admins also do a good job of removing unfriendly individuals that are only playing to ruin someone else’s day. It’s not tolerated.

So if you enjoy adventure, and want something a little different, and a little harder with a dash of friendship try this server!


Tyrenheim, the place where heroes go to conquer the world, make friends and never look back!
I’ve played on Tyrenheim for several seasons now and I honestly can’t say I’ve found a better group of admins, players and community events.
The server offers it all, guilds, quests, friends and Odin himself approves.
Grab your axe, your bow and be ready to experience this game like never before.


I joined about 3 months ago. This server is a challenge if you are playing solo. The mods used are judicious. I don’t feel overpowered compared to the mobs around me. There’s variety in events to participate in, though I have yet to avail myself of any of them. The server staff is friendly and helpful, never overbearing or rude. They police the server as expected, but don’t contribute to or participate in drama that I’ve seen. The server itself has custom modpacks designed by the server team’s own developers. These offer a unique flavor to the game and keep it challenging. Documentation for new players seems a bit lacking and difficult to find for me, though this might just be me. Other players are also helpful and courteous, and if you don’t want to play solo, you don’t have to. The server is updated regularly as well and never feels stale. I’m giving this server 5 stars because while this is my first multiplayer server in Valheim, it’s been a great experience so far and I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a challenge and fun. Keep up the great work staff! I really appreciate the efforts!


I have played Tyrenheim for at least 100 hours now and it is amazing. Great admin team and new CUSTOM DUNGEONS. The dungeons feel better than AAA games I’ve played. If you’re looking for a server that has more than just the forsaken give this a try.


Tyrenheim is a really excellent atmosphere! It takes Valheim to the next level with really great mods making play more enjoyable, challenging and addicting. The unique crystal, gem and socket system is another layer and adds that extra something that keeps you coming back. I haven’t played my regular Valheim since joining Tyrenheim! GREAT JOB!!!


HI! Im Bjornson in game!

I have I’ve played quite a few servers over that time on Valheim. Since the beginning I practically didn’t play the game solo, only on servers, and with almost 3000 hours of play, I can say: this is one of the best servers I’ve ever played. Both in support of the adms, and in terms of configuring the mods. Congrats to everyone involved. The only problem for now is that English is not my native language, so I have a little trouble communicating with other players. But, so far everything is going well! Keep it up! I intend to be a patreon soon!


(Thadeus) on server.
I have played on multiple hosted servers and Tyrenheim is really the best. 4 things make it such a great server.
1. Owner and Admin support is responsive, engaged and available.
2. The community of vikings is amazing and everyone really supports each other.
3. Mod controls, stability and technical focus makes playing the the server a joy.
4. Content: Events (my fave is the naked viking boat race), original content and custom dungeons, fantastic reward systems to add alternative questing.

I would highly recommend you check us out.



If you’re newbew or veteran and want to experience a vanilla server with a hint and perfectly balance mods to add up the spice for your vanilla experience in valheim, then this is the perfect server for you to hop in anytime. The server also offers great community with the amount of 10-30players active daily(even more in event times), Friendly staffs,devs and active admins that work hard to put up a better valheim experience in the community. Lastly the server also offers up an unlimited build limit and events to all players especially builders.


There’s not much cons in the server aside from the lag/delay issue but it’s very manageable and the devs & admins are always working on it to fix it.


i have been a player on this server goin on 3 seasons now maby 4 i realy enjoy it i have been a patron off and on when my money allows me to that is the only reason i stopped is rl bills got in the way the admins are fair not a bunch of power hungry folks that i have ran across on other serveres where it thierway or the highway these admin will talk with you and explain things to you they are strickt but fair its why i keep comming back every season me and my sons all come back every season cant wait to see what mistlands bring


Likely the best community you’ll find in Valheim with an extremely active mod team. As someone who’s been popping in since Season 1, Tyrenheim always provides a fresh experience with varying mods between seasons and seasonal events.


Impossibly active admins, seasonal events, and a vanilla like experience with a few upgrades and improvements like increased difficulty and gem cutting. The only real negative is seasons do end so don’t build a city. Being on multiplayer certain actions are not accepted like having to many tamed mobs and outright cheezing every boss but it adds the the challenge.


Glad to be back for Season 6 in Tyrenheim! Active admins, great community, fun mods without being game-breaking. This is my fourth season in Tyrenheim and each one gets better. The launch of the Mistlands content this season has brought the return of many former players and its good to see some of my old acquaintances returning to the server. Here’s to another winter layoff living in Tyrenheim!


Gonna have this give this 4 out of 5.
This is the only server i’ve ever been on, only been playing solo. Playing on a server really changes, you get a much more cozy feeling. The staff team is kind and professional.
The reason why i didn’t give the fifth star is because the server occasionally have a freeze lag for 2-3 seconds. Other than that there is nothing to complain on, player initiated shops and a nice community.


well ballanced server with mods that not only enhance the server but dont go overkill. im enjoying the time iv played on the server and learning alot of new things as i go. awesome community that helps each other about if you ever need anything.


I’ve played several valheim servers, however, this one is definitely one of the best out there. Not only because the game runs well, but because the admins are helpful and always ready to help.


What an amazing job the admins do to keep people coming back for more day after day. Cool events, admin trader, gem crafting, world boss mods and the list goes on. Hadn’t played on a modded server before but will not go anywhere else to play Valheim. Thanks again everyone in the admin group. Keep up the good work!


Mods/Admins here are very interactive with player audience and do a great job keeping things fresh and entertaining with events, dungeons, etc. Most importantly, they take feedback and make changes if it seems like the right thing to do.


I have enjoyed playing on this server with my husband and his friends. It’s got a very nice community that always seems to welcome new members and has several seasonal members as well. I’d recommend this server to anybody who loves Valheim and especially loves playing it with their family and friends.


The community of Tyrenheim is well put together to create a better envisioned world than the original content. Sure, lag is an issue, but thankfully everything lags at once, so i’m not (like other games) held in position unable to act while i’m slowly being killed. The events are just that much more entertaining and trying. Each map is a challenge in itself but offers just as good reward for accomplishing one’s tasks.


I have not been a community member as long as some others.. that being said i have found a permanent home! I have been gaming for almost 25 years.. even beta tested the original everquest and red alert lol.. The community and admins are what make this place special.. i highly recommend others to experience what i have!


Tyrenheim is an awesome server with a great community. The admins, community managers, and developers are top tier, coming up with great ways to support the server and keep things interesting.

Joining this server has completely revitalized Valheim for me and makes me look forward to playing any chance I get.

I highly recommend joining!


Best Valheim server I have ever played on! Everyone is very friendly, they hold true to a Vanilla-ish mod selection, and the Admin team is on top of any issues. They’ve added just enough to the game to make it feel unique/make up for what’s lacking. I would highly recommend checking the server out!


love tyrenheim you guys put on a good server with events and the mods are fun this is first server i played mods with although some do change and miss this is a very friendly and fun place been here since end of season 2 so its been an adventure thank you guys for all your hard work


Community review. This has been the best Community I have played with, on any game. Active and helpful. Love the events, the staff and the players. Can’t wait to see more and more seasons with us.

spookyrx aka COsoupr

If youre seeking a forever home to play valheim, look no further. You’d be hard in finding another community quite like this. Some of us have been playing together for years, and are very welcoming to newcomers! The admin team does a wonderful job maintaining the server and discord and the players are quick to jump in and help eachother out where ever help may be needed. I consider myself lucky to have found such a dope server, and i look forward to many more seasons to come! SKAL


Tyrenheim is a good server for people who want an active server with lots of fun things to do. Between events, builders, explorers, crafting and groups that are easy to form, this is a great server to settle down in.

It’s managed to keep the Vanilla feel while still having many interesting mods to make every level of the game more fun. The admins are also active and quick answer questions, solve issues and handle troublemakers.

All in all, if you’re looking for a larger server to play on this is definitely a winner.

im new to this server but not to valheim ive finished the game several time before the mistland upgrade but this server is something else the community is amazing and helpfull !! since new season and mistland update a lot of player are connected always 30+ ! yeah sometime it can cause some lag but the team is hardly working for everyone to enjoy to server ! if u guys want a server that bring a new life to valheim without adding to much this server is for you !


Tyrenheim, the mere name sends shivers down the spines of the enemies of all the brave warriors who flock to impress Odin. Never has a server so complete been put together for mere mortals to enjoy, to wield the power of Gods and slay enemies in the name of Odin, Freya and Loki himself.

6 servers deep, and many more to come, this server has it all and more. From the best addons, made custom for the players themselves, from a custom map hand crafted by the devs to mobs that are tailored the the realm of the Gods to appease. This is no normal server, it is the pinnacle of what it means to play Valheim and full experience what the game has to offer.

With the toughest but most rewarding system, a fair and honest dev team, a player base with respect and honesty and a system designed to integrate them all together for the maximum effect. It has change the way I play games, and it will change yours too.


I have been playing for 4 seasons now. The greatest thing about the Tyrenheim team is that they always come up with something new every season. There are amazing events throughout the seasons and the admin team is active. If you do have issues and submit a ticket it’s answered in minutes and they give you help on the spot. You guys have earned a dedicated player in me!


Tyrenheim is my first experience playing Valheim online in an environment not controlled by close friends. That caveat aside, I have been loving my experience on the server. The modlist adds a robust amount of additional content while not straying too far from the core Valheim experience (New things to craft and an in depth jewelcrafting/socketing system, but no new biomes or monsters).

This server also doesn’t joke around with difficulty – the world is structured into 4 regions ranging from vanilla to enemies having a minimum of 3*, including a fair few boss altars which spawn multi star bosses.

The mod team are active and fair. The rules are fairly strict (ie: not allowed to take advantage of a player structure you didn’t build without explicit permission), but are generally structured to make sure nobody interferes with anyone else’s progress and good time.

The only true complaint I have is that the server is large enough and has a diverse enough playerbase to cause serious, serious lag issues when players congregate to any meaningful extent (even one nearby player takes the game from flawless to nearly 1 second delays).

There’s more to say (mods have activities, there is an active marketplace including a mod run store to give gold value once you’ve bought out Hal’s stock) but I’ll leave it here. Five stars.


Just wanted to take the time to submit a very positive review of Tyrenheim. This is my first week playing and so far the community is awesome. Everyone is helpful and very interactive. There’s a smooth progression and isn’t overloaded with too many mods. Love the server!


Genuinely fun experience so far. I just joined the server, and ive had nothing but friendly interactions. Great server. 13/ Book of dead cat girls

Great whitelist process, fun group!


seems like a very good server with a good community and connection. pretty new but all great.


Ive played on 3 different server than Tyrenheim and 2 of em was decent while one was a huge pile of mess
since the admin keept adding mods on live server until it broke and forgot to make backups.

None has run as good as Tyrenheim though im from Denmark it been very stabile and,
in ten day ive seen 1 unscheduled restart and a few updates and i find that very professional.
In regards to the modpack i think you picked just the best mods for not only the game but also the ones that can improve the community aswell building pieces and epicloot
For the admins and moderators i have just one word = Legendary.
Not only do they respond quickly and talk directly to you and are very friendly and you can feel their passion for making server a good place for all who behave proberly

I did however found an issue Valheim have with many players on one server with fuling villages not respawning and deposits of copper, silver, and flametal ores do not regenerate but we can hope that it could be in a update soon.
This is not the server nor the admins fault since its Valheim base game that cause these problem since i think they never thought it would become what it is today

Regards Barthow


Easily the best server out there for Valheim, the white-listing process is very straight forward and the server is clean and respectful, it’s exactly what I expected of online Valheim and I’m glad it was my first choice, the mod selection and configuration makes it exciting to log in every day even after beating all the bosses with increased difficulty and extra loot.


Valhiem for me is one of those games I start and crush in a week and run out of stuff to do. This server changed that for me. There’s so many fun add-ons put into the game to give me more to work on, more difficulty, an economy, and so much more to build with than vanilla. But it holds very close to vanilla game play.


This place rocks. The players are friendly and active, the admins are always available to help and time seems to fly by. I recommend stopping by and giving it a look.


Very clean and well-kept server. The staff team has fostered a very friendly community and they’re always visibly working to both improve the server and keep it fun for the players.

As the server went from S2 to S3, the team made many recommended changes, such as limiting the amount of wards each person can have spawned at once so there is available real estate to newer players. They’ve also added a swathe of custom building pieces that have greatly expanded the possibilities for one’s personal abode.

All in all, a very fun server. It is modded, but not so much that it taints the spirit of the original game.


By far the best group of people, I love playing here, I’m pretty new to valheim and they are quick to help out.

Bjorn Oakside

Tyrenheim is the BEST Valheim multi-player server out there! The owner/admin approach is to keep the server stable and enjoyable for the entire player base. It is a lightly modded server and new mods are not incorporated lightly. If you like the “vanilla” experience, players can opt-out of the “approved mods.” The required mods are not intrusive OR game-changing. Overall, if you want a real HOME on a Valheim server – get your butt over to Tyrenheim!! ~Skål!


This server is incredibly well managed, not just in the uptime and lack of service issues but in the way the in-game resources are tracked to ensure player satisfaction in the game. I have played on a lot of servers of various sizes, and Tyrenheim is the only server I’ve found with a team which oversees both aspects – server management and in-game resource management – as well as they do. Like many server hosts, these guys aren’t making any money. Yet they still seem to go that extra distance. This shows a true love of the game and an understanding of the player community they’re creating. Highly recommended.


Cool server , people are helpful and not intrusive , great comunity !


Awesome server 😀 almost always people on that you can join, havent encountered one troll or griefer. Admins are hot too.


Probably the best and most fun server i have ever played on. Fun community, great admins and never a lack of things to do. Everyone is very willing to help everyone.

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