Havi's Respite

Havi's Respite

150+ player server cap!

-Class based, enjoy your selection of 12 different unique classes with custom abilities and fair balancing for both PVE and PVP!

-Custom loot
-Custom Locations
-Main Capitals
-New Enemies
-Tons of new Building Items
-New Mounts
-Custom Vendors, and NPC’s
-Full Dungeons

-We host numerous weekly PVE and PVP events and have our very own Arena and Obstacle Course. Rise up the ranks through our official server ranking system and get first look and access to new custom content! This is no longer Valheim, it is Havi’s Respite.

-Custom Quests are now live!
-Tons of more custom loot, NPC’s and building material recently added.
*No whitelist
Sign up at http://www.havisrespite.com, and visit the connection guide to join today!

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