Being a survival game at its core you always have to make sure your character is always well rested to face the world in Valheim. The best way to do this is to increase your comfort level. Many players find difficulty in doing this when they venture outside their base or even when they are in other biomes. Being comfortable and well-rested even gives you “Rested Buff“. So let’s look at how to increase the comfort level in Valheim.

What Is Rested Buff and How Does It Work?

The Rested buff allows you to regain health 50% faster and regain stamina 100% faster for a while. Your Comfort level increases your buff duration, helping you to return to full health and stamina quickly. You can increase your comfort level by having a well spacious house with furniture and a ventilated indoor campfire.

How to Increase Comfort Level in Valheim?

Increase your Valheim Comfort level by building a spacious Shelter filled with comfortable furniture, rugs, banners, a brazier, and a well-ventilated campfire. Items can provide comfort in a radius of 4-6 times around them. So keep the items together around the campfire to maximize your comfort level.

How to Get Maximum Comfort?

To get maximum comfort level you need to keep your banners, braziers, chairs, Deer Rugs, Dragonbed, Lox Rug, Raventhrone, and Wolf Rug with a radius of 4-6 tiles around your campfire. You can refer to the below cells to understand how much extra comfort bonus they will provide once you are in the vicinity.

Note that Deer, Lox, and Wolf rugs can be stacked together. So you can take all three rugs and stack them together up to 5 of each around the campfire. This will give you an additional conform bonus.
In addition if you plan to go on a long journey, It can be useful to bring with you materials required to craft a portal. Once the buff expires, craft the portal, teleport home > get the buff and continue the adventure.

Article by : Karl Heinz Schneider

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