Eldrirheim RP

Eldrirheim RP

Hey there stranger!

Looking for a new adventure? Perhaps in the realms of Eldrirheim? Are you one of the survivors of the clans who now make way on new land. The great disaster has killed millions of people, but you survived how could this be. It may be a sign. Obviously you belong to:

The Torgnjords🌊

The masters of the sea, trade and more. They have controlled the seas and trade throughout the lands for as long men can remember. They took it upon themselves to explore and venture into the world. Discovering new lands in the progress.

The Mímirkyrr🕊️

The realm of peace and prosperity. For long they lived in peaceful times. The noble family in charge had managed to acquire more land through diplomacy not through war. The people of the Mimirkyrr are highly devoted to their gods.

The Drengrtyr⚔️

The men of the north. Fierce warriors full of ambition to conquer more lands. Bathed in blood from a young age taught to fight and be a fierce Viking. They remain the best fighter of the lands with blacksmiths that create high quality weaponry.

The Villrjörð🌲

They are known as the unknown. Located in vast lands of forest and swamp. No one dared to cross in their lands without leaving again. They hold a long history mostly unknown to those around them. They are the ones who made something out of their land through hardship.

Searching for a helpful, friendly and fun community? This is the place for you!
We are trying to bring people together to create a valheim rp experience something that is not often seen these days. We hope to create a longstanding rp server and community where we can rp everyday. Everyone is welcome new, old so long you are friendly!

We also ensure quality through our form intake process!

This server features:
Weekly rewards for best builder etc!!
Custom lore📚
Character lore📚
Clan based rp✅
Active admins and mods✅
Constantly updated lore in retrospect to ingame events✅
Suggestions and support channels✅
Custom server events✅

And more to come!

If you feel convinced to join our server and create something great together as a community.

We have custom events, valheimplus, servercharacters, odinhorse, betternetworking and Anticheat!

We have a helpfull community so if you have any questions be sure to ask them!

Be sure to check it out!

See you soon!

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