Since ping is affected by distance, you may experience major lag if your ISP doesn’t pick the shortest route. VPNs eliminate that problem by connecting to a VPN server in a country where the Valheim server is located, you can significantly reduce in-game delay.
Scenario :
– You live in USA but you want to play on German Valheim server. Start the VPN, chose Germany and then start Valheim.
Even better, you could use it within the same country where distances are way too big and your ISP might be picking the wrong routing once more.
– You live in California, but the server is located in New York? Start the VPN and chose New York, USA.
Now you can play Valheim with reduced latency.
Check current VPN offers. (Up to 80% off on 2 year plans)
Why paid?
– Never trust a free VPN to reduce lag or to secure your privacy. Free VPNs cover their costs by exploiting their users with advertising malware, by embedding third-party trackers in their software, and selling your bandwidth for a profit to their paid users.
Paid VPNs cost between 2~3$ / mo, they are secure and reliable.
It doesn’t worth to risk your privacy by saving $2.
Benefits beyond reducing the lag in Valheim :
– Avoid ISP Throttling
– No more connection hiccups
– DDoS Protection
– Port Forwarding
– Buy Games at the Lowest Price (Pricing is different in different locations)

We are affiliated with the VPN company and we get paid a tiny commission whenever someone orders gaming VPN through our affiliate link.

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