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[0]Free Range Vikings[0]

Free Range Vikings is hosted by a few IT guys that live and breathe infrastructure.

We just have the one standard rule: * If you’re caught griefing, harming the server or harming others, your Steam ID and source IP address will simply be banned.

Else, everyone is welcome.

Server info:
– Hosted in California
– Dual internet connections
– All stateful data is backed up every 30 minutes
– All world events are sent to the Discord linked to this page
– Max players set to 20
– We’re the developers of PhValheim. Learn more at the linked Discord

Connect details can be obtained directly from our website.
Visit our Discord if you need help or would like to participate in our community.

You can retrieve the password for Free Range Vikings after joining our Discord.



Server crashes a lot, you see many dead new players who just gave up. The only two ever playing which includes the sparkling 5 star review run the thing and seem unconcerned.


Its a lot of fun and a very active community willing to help with issues whenever mods have had an extremely fast response to any issues regarding the world 10/10 would recommend

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