Alfheim MMO Valheim

Alfheim MMO Valheim

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Looking for an amazing, welcoming Valheim community?
We have a large community of 1,800 members, and Alfheim player base steady 30-50 players!
Our network has some of the top servers based on Valheim public servers!
Alfheim, our MMO server, hit NUMBER 1 in America, according to Battle Metrics statistics on March 30th!
Alfheim Modded MMO Server:
– Valheim Legends
– Adds 12 unique, powerful classes to the game!
– Epic Loot
– Completed biomes (Endgame available Mistlands/DeepNorth/Ashlands)
– Unique Weapons
– 72 New weapons
– New Armor
– 16 new creatures and 3 new Bosses!
– New Boss weapons!
– Stronger Bosses & Monsters
– Server Rewards and Server Events
– New Arrows
– Multicraft
– New Building Items
– Planting/Cultivator additions
– Keep Inventory
– 60 Player Slots
Join in on the fun in community events, boss fights, and much more!
All ages are welcome, so come join us! Let’s make some incredible memories together!

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