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Alfheim MMO Valheim Alfheim MMO Valheim

Alfheim Season 4 Starts May 20

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Are you looking for a large community and some new content you can’t find anywhere else?
We have an easy-to-use custom launcher and over 15 guilds for you to join.

Server Feature:
> Lag-free Server
> Over 72 Npc quest from (kill/harvest/collect/craft)
> Large Community with over 3,000 members always someone to go in adventure with
> Void Island-Build your own world with custom pieces
> Fully develop server! with new custom mobs/food/weapons exclusive to the server
> Community Town & Guilds
> A lot of New monsters & 5 new Bosses!
> Fully develop Biomes added like MistLands/Deep North and AshLands to continue your adventure.
> Dungeon and Puzzles
> Trading post to sell your stuff to players.
> Valheim Legends – Adds 12 unique, powerful classes to the game!
> Epic Loot – Adds powerful Loot Rarities that drop from monsters!
> Dozens of new building items
> Keep Inventory enabled
> 42 New Planting Decorations & several additional lighting systems!
> Mountable Creatures
> Holiday Events
> Casino- Gamble your way to cool prizes
> Daily Server Rewards in which you earn tokens to redeem rare lootboxes!



Great community, friendly discord, and the mods are awesome!

I look forward to many more months dying on this server!



Thought you finished the game by killing Yagluth? Think again! The fun is just about to start!

An awesome team of well disposed developers (you might have seen their mods on Nexus or Thunderstore) have created new content for the Mistlands, Deep North, Ashlands and even the oceans!

New tiers of weapons, armor, materials, food, new mobs and new (mini) bosses and the best thing: its all for free! Just need to install Valheim, Unova supplies the modpack. Ezpz.

Great, very active and helpful community on both Discord and in game. Friendly staff, lovely owner, be sure to check it out when you’re “done” with Valheim!


Unlike any other modded servers. The way they balanced/adjust the mods to give it an MMO feel to it and thru that it gives you many hours of content. Awesome community and staffs. Give it a try and you’ll see, and be a bro dont use the hoe.


As we journey through the Gaming Universe, sometimes we discover or happen upon something that is truly amazing. Something that reaches deep into our introvert black souls and causes us to pause in amazement at the creativity that abounds within the myriad of code that weaves endless new possibilities, adventures and years of exploration.

I discovered such a wonder at Unova Legends as I pay homage to my Viking ancestors behind a fearsome keyboard and diabolical mouse. I have spent countless hours exploring Alfheim while truly amazed at what the Owner, Staff, Developers and Moderators have created. They have taken Valheim and turned it into something amazing that I still hunger for each day even 1000 hours later.

And I must mention the Community. It’s rare that you find such a diverse ragtag bunch of wannabe Vikings that are truly family. Everyone is willing to help new players, help slay a boss or trade you that 1 piece of tin that has eluded you far and wide.

So come join us. Raise a mug, slay a beast and call Alfheim home. You will not regret it. I don’t.


Wow man. What can I say, other than this the best server to play on if you are into modded Valheim servers.

The community and devs and moderators are flat out the best I have seen in any MMO. They take suggestions very serious and the building, crafting, exporing (ocean serpents!), and boss fights are top notch.

This place will only get better. 10/10 for sure.

Viking Fury
Guild Master


Alfheim server is a fantastic modded server. Team that runs this is an amazing group and really engages the player base. Community if fun and helpful.


This server is well run and has an awesome player base. Most anytime you need an item or resource it is available for trade from another player and the Mods are well selected and maintained. I really enjoy playing here. ALFHEIM LIFE!

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