Helheim – first Fun PVP server of Valheim! Are you a true viking? You want to raid homes, villages and castles? Or to pirate someone with goods? Here you can kill anyone, anywhere at any time! Be brave if you want to travel to Valhalla at the end of your battle!
– no Age restrictions;
– build where you want and how you want (terraforming is allowed);
– regeneration of resources and dungeons;
– group system to play with your friends;
– no application process, just join us and be ready to start playing;
– easy-to-use custom launcher;
– ticket system with dedicated moderation;
– available 24/7.
Server Features:
– battle gear from the beginning;
– top graded skills from the start;
– unlimited comfort;
– you don’t lose any gear when you die. Food, skills etc. always with you;
– there is a private chest on the spawn that can’t be raided;
– you can buy anything you want, food, gear, enchants, etc;
– war is everywhere. Don’t let your guard down;
– PvP events where you can get some gold by killing NPC and be prepared to fight with other players;
– unique enchant system; :gem: new weapon and armor: two-handed swords, axes, bombs, arrows, etc;
– new abilities such as shield, stamina regeneration, heal, etc;
– professions (builder, farmer, miner, animal husbandry, navigation, alchemist, cooker, blacksmith).
– character data saved on the server side;
– multiple characters can be created from one steam account;
– server is secured with anti-cheat system which protects from unfair players.
Some moments from the regular pvp events:

We’ve just started and have big plans for further development. Every viking is welcome here. Come and join us!

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