Asgard Asgard

NEW, Fresh Start! No bosses fought!, only 2 Mods, 24/7 Dedicated N.Y. Server!, FLY Skyships Here!
What if Loki had Tricked the Valkyries into Stealing the gods? That is our Premise as we show up one by one in new Asgard to take back the heavens! In our new Valheim Server we play as Immortals who have advanced magic like Sky Ships (and the crafted fuel to fly them) and Cities and houses that float. We have both a game and a discord economy with items that can be transferred back and forth . . as well as: Weekly events, A post office, and even Taxes! in this Asgard server of the gods. To find out more and to be part of a great community Click the link below and Become a Viking GOD today!

Cross-play IS enabled but This server is intended for Medium to High end Rigs and may Lag if you bring lesser Laptops or consoles

Professionally hosted 24/7 Dedicated USA Server hosted in New York City

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