Children of freja

Children of freja

We are a fresh roleplaying, lightly modded server with players from all over the world. We are looking for more to join our adventure!

– 18+
– PvE with PvP events.
– List of allowed mods for Aesthetics.
– Professions
– Bosses are events
– players help write the story
– text OR voice based Roleplay
– 24/7 availability
– Whitelist
– All fresh characters
– education channel hosted by a “real vikings expert”
No grifing, stealing, hate speech, leaving unfinished builds all over the place or messing with other peoples builds. Every player will get a free ward if they wish.

To join, send a message here and we’ll get back to you.



This server is the best one I’ve joined. Friendly community, growing quite fast, no griefers and it’s really simple to join. It’s really wholesome!


Fun server, Everyone on it is very friendly/mature. If you’re looking for a new server to play on look no further 🙂

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