Dangle Town

Dangle Town

Dangle Town Servers

All are welcome! Casual or hardcore, you will find a friendly community of Valheim lovers. Come join our growing town, or venture into the wilderness to grab your own heavenly slice of Dangle Town.

We have active moderators to help new players as well as ban cheaters/griefers. Server is constantly backed up and can be recovered at any time.

No rules, do whatever you want I don’t care.

IP: dangle.town
Password: 499poop

Anti-cheat enabled. You must have the following mods installed to play:

– AntiCheat by CodeWizards
– World_of_Valheim_SSC by ProcGen
– AzuAdminTool by OdinPlus

No other mods are allowed.

Fresh start, new world started on 10/11/2021

Password: 499poop

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