Danklife Studios

Danklife Studios

**Danklife Gaming presents
Brand new 50 Player PVP server. Running 24/7**

PVP is forced by server.(cant turn it off -always enabled)
spawn has a safe zone
better Archery mod
Characters are server-side
Better Ui
Quick connect menu for our servers
Boss Drops Modified
New Chat system
Custom textures
Equipment & slots mod
enchanted Loot Drops
Network data Compression mod
Data Rate between client and server is Increased.
Danklife Gaming one of a kind, no event Map Ping Mod (no map ping when events(the forest is moving)
Hidden Fight-club
plus a lot more!

Absolutely No Mass terrain Terra-forming for your base. (gathering Ore veins is ok.)

You Must Leave Spawn. Sail to different islands. Spread Out before you settle down to build your

**we hope to see you there!**



This server owner banned my entire tribe without any reason. We were the only active people on his server until he banned us.
The tribes that were building here when we joined had no plans to ever pvp, when we found their base they all just combat logged to save their gear. Then cry to the admins in discord. Very bad experience. Good luck here!


Very unfortunate experience here. I joined this server expecting a “No rules pvp environment” The few people that play here have no interest in any pvp whatsoever, They combat log and complain on discord if you even try to interact with them. Then of course the admin banned me and I never even been to an enemy base, nor have I killed anyone on the server. The staff on this server is absolutely clueless. Good luck if you take the risk on joining..

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