Elysium: Valheim Roleplay

Elysium: Valheim Roleplay

Elysium Valheim Roleplay (EVRP) is a modded server dedicated to growing a mature community that loves Valheim and roleplaying. You create your own story on the server!

Each Season (world) will last approximately 5 months, with a Forsaken being challenged roughly at the end of each month. This allows a month worth of gameplay/roleplaying in each Age (Bronze, Iron, etc.). The objective is not to rush through the game, but to really push the limits of our imagination and truly live in the world.


🛡Professions to enhance roleplaying

🛡New, early game magic items

🛡Server lore & custom quests

🛡Various NPC types such as traders, bankers, etc. throughout the world

🛡Custom dungeons/locations

🛡Active Admins/Mods

🛡AntiCheat & Whitelist

🛡Server-side characters

🛡Creature Level & Loot Control

🛡Battlepass & Class system based on historical Viking classes with in-game rewards for those who are a positive force in the community

🛡And more…

Join us in the Discord, all are welcome! ⚔️



Admin/mods are excellent, everything is super organized and everyone is helpful. Definitely the best Valheim roleplaying server I’ve been on and probably one of the best of any survival game.


If you enjoy role playing then this is the server for you. With QOL mods ingame lore and factions to choose from what is stopping you from joining us. By Odins beard I hope to see you soon. Come build a town or just a small home we have room for all.

Good server. No lag and helpful staff

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