[EU] Vikings Life Online

[EU] Vikings Life Online

Hello. Welcome in to our new server.

Server uses a mod which locks the character to it called SSC (see list of mods on our Discord). You cannot bring in items and skill progression from your single-player game or another server. Your progression also remains on the server unless you choose to convert your file for single-player use (your local file will be overwritten). We have hence improved the dedicated server software in order to accommodate online gameplay with less cheats and exploits (thanks to the mod developers). We use cheat protection VAC (VAC-style) in order to prevent exploits plus the “BetterWards mod” which improves the functionality of the ward so there is less risk of being grieved. The server is completely PvE unless the player deliberately activates PvP. The server is limited to 20 players until we see the load the hardware is capable of with this game.

The server is public. There is no password to join.

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