EverQuest Online Adventures

EverQuest Online Adventures EverQuest Online Adventures

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EverQuest Online Adventures

Just a simple server to make friends and to have fun! If you know about EQOA then it’s a great conversation starter, hint, the server name of nostalgia!

Precautions & Rules:
1. Please do not request an admin, unless you need it like being stuck.
2. If you lose items, admins will not help you at any cost, this game can be brutal at times so please proceed with your adventure with caution with every step.
3. If you get caught cheating you’re gone we have tools to monitor!
4. We reserve the right to ban without any answers or warnings!
5. We reserve the right to shut down the server at any time if needed, although there will be a warning a few days prior.
6. This server is adult-oriented for mature but safe and friendly, no kids under 17. I will not be held to explain to your family on how you came across what “gerbils” are used for!
7. No long sentences shouting in caps, please keep the cursing to mature.
8. No fighting, I don’t want to have to be a soccer mom and say don’t make me pull this server/van over!

This will be updated as we go along so it’s your responsibility to come and check on the rules as they’re updated and posted from time.

With that said please have fun and enjoy!

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