Hranafall 2

Hranafall 2 Hranafall 2

Eventually more strangers appeared in the land, carried by the Great Bird, they found Hjalmstead and made home there. Some of them joined the Brothers in their Troll hunting, seeking glory, and thus became the Blue Hood. A guild of Troll Hunters who kept the evil populations at bay, protecting the town of Hjalmstead and all of its people. But while others were slaying Trolls and living simply, Hrana had visions of a New Kingdom, to the West. He sought power from the Blue Wizard, but the Wizard would not teach him his ways of magic. Feeling angered and betrayed, he scorned the Wizard and gathered his men, and so they headed westward. They found a grassy plain where the foundations of the New Kingdom would be laid down, and began the first tasks of the endless labor that awaited them.

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