Kaer Trolde

Kaer Trolde

SEA/OCE – IDF Community Server

Howdy everybody, we offer a relaxing place for non-toxic Mature players from SEA/OCE with any playstyles.
You want sailing on the Seven Seas?
You want to conquer the Mysterious Lands?
You want to build the Iconic Mansion?
You want to slay Monstrous Creatures and get their heads as trophy?
You want to become Farmer and have a peaceful life?
Or you just want a place to immerse and live like a real Viking, enjoying the gentle breeze from the sea, sitting by the Campfire to watch stars with friends after taking a sip of mead from old trusty tankard.
Say no more, we welcome all and waiting for you to create memorable Adventures together. So don’t hesitate to join our Discord Group here.

1. Fresh Dedicated Server 24/7 located in SEA
2. Non-stop growing Discord group with players
3. Lively 2 Servers now with 15 – 20 Active players
4. Super stable latency for players from SEA and OCE
5. Server is backed up every hour
6. Hacking/Cheating Trackers provide Highest security against Hacker/Griefer

1. In-game events create by Admins and Moderators
2. Trading System
3. Quest/Reward System by Guild Master
4. Bloody Arena
5. Active Moderators & Monitors
6. Supporting players in/out game without ruining playing experience


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