Pink Aggro MH 18+

Pink Aggro MH 18+

Vanilla with QoL. Our Discord server has a couple of gaming servers that don’t just focus on Valheim. Here’s the one we currently have up, but are working on opening one up that will be more cozy and extremely casual.

🎲 Pink🌸Aggro 🏹

🚀 Join Our Valheim & Palworld Adventures!

🚀 Tabletop Simulator Steam Giveaway! Ends March!
🚀 Terraria Steam Giveaway! Ends April!

🛡️ About Us:
– 🌸 Mental Health Advocates
– 💪 Striving for Self-Agency and Empowerment
– 🤝 Supportive Cozy Community
– 🎮 Low-Key Therapeutic Video Gaming
– 🎙️ Discord VC Crew: Hang out all day, share stories, and build connections.
– 🐥 Newbie Friendly: We help each other grow
– 🌟 No Fear of Getting Left Behind – Embrace a Supportive Community
– 🎮 Explore Other Co-op Games – Share your favorites! We love games that complement a path to well-being and solid mental health!

💖 Server Features:
– 🌍 Slow-Paced Valheim Group
– 🌍 Vanilla Crossplay with Whitelisting System
– 🌐 Owner works from home (USA CST) typically available 24/7
– ⚔️ Combat: Very Hard – Bond with your team in challenging battles.
– 🪦 Death Penalty: Normal – Embrace self-agency for empowerment.
– 🪓 Resource Rate: Either – Let’s build big buttresses together!
– ⚔️ Raid Rate: Less – Focus on building and exploring.
– 🏰 Raids: Player-Based – Customize your experience.
– ☠️ Portals: No Boss Portals – Challenge bosses together or have a go at it solo.
– 🗺️ Maps: No Maps! – Explore the scary world together and help us map it out in a beautifully visual way.
– 🌈 Appreciate the Visuals, Gameplay, and Company in our VC
– 🌟 Create Your Meadows Citadel at Your Own Pace!
– 🏹 Love Viking Shenanigans and Casual Gameplay? Join Us!

🔗 Join Our Chill, No-Pressure Squad:
🌐 Discord:

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