Public PvE PASS:696966

Public PvE PASS:696966


Now featuring Bob’s temple with 18 links, portal room with 20 links, portal Arena with 32 links, mistytower with 18 links, trader hub with 12 links, and lots of new hidden chests including some dlc equipment up for grabs if you can solve the puzzles.

–world modifiers–

– no build cost
– passive enemy’s

Welcome to a friendly server already outfitted with portals to every corner of every biome full of hidden castles and bases with chests full of loot. This is a 1250 day young server still full of potential, all bosses complete and runestones removed, and it looks like the latest patch respawned the runestones

Please don’t destroy what others have built, but feel free to pillage any chests and resources. Chests are refilled weekly. Cartography tables spread around the map for all to use, just follow the signs.

Seed : UrMom

Password: 696969 – this will be changed soon so DM us here if your a regular needing access

We try to maintain 24/8 uptime, and have a weekly reset, and daily backups

Please enjoy yourself and don’t be an as*, I don’t want to have to move to a whitelisted server, I just want to play Valhiem for an hour each day like everyone else, not spending my time making ban lists (you know who you are)

Considering banning mods if the community vocally supports it

It’s just a game so enjoy, or else!



Great world, I’ve spent a few hours here and still have so many portals to explore, follow the path to start your adventures

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