Ravenborn PVP

Ravenborn PVP

We are an active clan based pvp world. We have moderated events almost everyday and have close to 6-10 players daily (maxxing out at about 18 at busiest). We have a few open spots and welcome people to join with their own clan, or join a pre existing one (your clan will help you). Our play emphasizes large scale pvp, diplomacy and trading, and competitive guerrilla survival.
We have controlled world progression by bosses and are currently in the iron age. It is very easy to catch up by attending events where you can win loot.
You’ll start on a small spawn island where you’ll be safe from pvp. Once you get iron technology it’s up to you to strike out, establish your territory, attack and defend castles, and survive in a hardcore world with bigger monsters, more tools, alchemy recipes utilizing many materials (including boss trophies), and savage viking strategy. The only portals we have are 8 common portals from community hub to 8 cardinal directions (as well as hearthstones), which brings a nice balance of necessitation of planning and convenience.
We use R2 Modman for our most up to date modpack.
Mods include:
-improved wards (offline raid protection)
-Creature level and loot control (hard settings encourage careful play with teammates)
-Odin horses
-Odin QOL
-Valheim cuisine (some recipes removed or tweaked for balance)
-Terraheim and epic additions (armor craft station, new weapons, ash and deep north content)
-NPCs for banking, quests and more
-Anti cheat
-PVP tweaks, pvp always on, and serverside characters (saves characters with server instead of locally)
-Gizmo and various building mods
-Early game magic supplement
-Hearthstones (single use transport to a bed)

We have a very active discord, hit us up for questions! Get with a clan that has your back, and you’ll find more excitement than any other valheim playthrough you’ve had yet, guaranteed!

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