Realms of the Red Earl

Realms of the Red Earl

Valheim, Realm of the Red Earl (EU focused – Germany based server)
Dedicated server AMD EPYC 7282 16-Core Processor Modpack (please up-vote in thunderstore)
2 Casual PVE/PVP servers focusing on building a community.
(Stable) Over 650 days old and various elaborate buildings, scheduled progression.
(Development) Server with regular resets, no scheduled bosses nice for speedrunning.
The main language on voice is English
Builder friendly, we love our buildings if properly warded building can not be broken down.
On arrival you will be gifted a Starter set, scaling with the current world level to catch up on active player-base.
Progression is not stunted or boosted, and all mods have been properly configured to bring balance and challenge.
Multiple safe-zones Loot improvements (Epic Loot)
Scaling difficulty (Creature Level Loot Control)
Building and Base QOL (Building Camera)
PVE Questgiver (Odin Plus)
Server events Timed progression, bosses are affixed to certain days and unlocked at set times.
Casual PVP/PVE Only Portals in Safe zones
Crop replanting Replenishing  resources
We fight for gathered resources and trophies (gear stays through death.)
Server sided saves and Anticheat Potted plants and functional Drawbridges And a lot more features…
Ccheck mod description for full list of functions.
Main language on voice is English
Got any questions or suggestions during or after your visit leave a message on our channels.
See you online, Skål!
The Red Earl

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