-=UFB=- Leikjaseidr • No Mods

-=UFB=- Leikjaseidr • No Mods

-=UFB=- Vanilla NO MODS | Start As Day 1 | CROSSPLAY | Custom Server


> A very safe & solid experience on this server. The staff are also very helpful & incredibly fast at putting things right if necessary, such as resetting empty dungeons if you are genuinely struggling within reason. You need not worry about progress being hindered much like with playing vanilla solo, the staff will make sure of it. Another nice touch is any attacks on your base trigger an auto ban & will cause no damage so you can feel safe too. Definitely worth a try.

> I’ve been playing UFB Valheim for about a week now and am really enjoying it. They’ve done a great job of balancing the game for folks just arriving. I was looking for a new character experience and I felt like I was able to do that even with seasoned players living there. The community is friendly and very helpful when asked anything. I would definitely recommend jumping in if you are not looking for a highly curated Valheim world and want to experience it the way it was meant to be.


Want to play the game as intended but want the experience of meeting vikings along the journey? Then Leikjaseidr is for you!

• Active playerbase, see website for stats
• Security measures to prevent griefing and hacking are in place
• Custom code & enforced rules to have you feel like joining on Day 1, despite server progress
• No Mods are Required
• Statistics



• Vikings registered: 26
• Average Online: 8

Realtime data found on our website!

■ Leikjaseidr ■

Custom Vanilla Valheim – aimed to become a community server.

We aim to ensure you get a day 1 experience whether you join on day 1 or day 12000. Therefore, we are continuously making tweaks to the server so everyone can enjoy natural progression from Eikthyr to end game regardless of when they join, without the need of installing any mod!



• Custom server backup – Not relying on steam servers to ensure your progress always is secure
• Custom backup system – Not relying on steam servers, NO Impact on server latency
• Server modification – Will only allow ONE character per player to connect
• Anti-Grief System – Players attacking your base will get BANNED after being warned, AUTOMATIC!
• And More!


• Player-Based Raids – Raid type will occur depending on your individual character progress
• World Resets – Villages/Caves/Dungeons Resets Periodically when no player is nearby
• Custom Anti-Cheat
• Discord integration (See players discord name in Playerlist ingame)
• Custom Anti-grief system, Wards will protect your bases against Griefers
• Custom Player-based spawn
• And More!

Join UFBGaming.com Today!
• Discord: https://discord.gg/EpcffzSSzh
• Website (To Join): https://ufbgaming.com/valheim

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