Valhalla Vanilla

Valhalla Vanilla

_______________________US-WEST SMOOTHBRAIN’S SERVER CENTER__________________________

Public 64 Player US PvE Dedicated Vanilla Server

Looking for a server with lots of people and easy to join? Come check us out! All are welcome! We only ask that you follow our rules for the community:

1) Be polite, don’t hate on anyone, don’t flame, don’t troll, and have fun!
2) Discriminatory speech and hate speech (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, slurs) will result in immediate BAN.
3) Cheats and exploits will result in a ban, use at your own risk.
4) Do not mic spam, scream, make disturbing background noises in the voice chats.
5) Avoid topics regarding banned members. If you have problems with a banned member, send a direct message to a moderator.
6) Don’t spam messages in chat.
7) Be courteous and respect all community members.
8) No greifing or toxic behavior

Simply join in-game using:
or through the steam serverlist with:
The Password is: “icecream”

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