ValhallaRP is a Roleplaying server focused on stories and having fun in character.

Mumble proximity voice chat makes the adventure even more immersive.
Our goal is to have a voice rp experience similar to GTA RP like nopixel.

While we would love to run a vanilla server there are many fixes and server admin tools that are not available in the base game.
Mods are required to keep the server healthy.
We have a resident mod developer developing QoL fixes and balance changes and other stuff for multiplayer.

Our server runs on seasons, every 2 months we archive the world and start a new seed, This keeps the game fresh and lets our players make new stories as new seasons progress. 2 months is also sufficient time to build cool bases with your friends. After the season is over we publish the world file so you’ll never lose your building progress.

== Our current season, Season 3: Riverlands ==

Following valheim lore Odin chose some souls from midguard to fight his enemies in valheim.
A central continent with many rivers and 4 ancient portals to ease traveling.
An admin supported central tavern, neutral ground for players to meet / have fun.

==Other server features==

anti greifing / cheating, logging
locked progression ages, keeps the game balanced
restricted portal creation, keeps the game balanced
active admin team
character based whitelist
…too many to list just come check it out!

==Server details==

language: English
server location: US EAST
(players from all over: eu, usa, etc)
99% uptime inside google datacenter

Will you be a warrior, lover, farmer, mercenary, tavern keeper, raider, cultist, explorer, or something else?
Join our discord to start your adventure!



This server got the most arrogant admins in out of Valheim community. What is more funny is all of review I saw from this server is made by group of admins’s friend themselves. This server got lagging issues, unfixed problems, and players items clutter lower frame rate. Not only that Admins attitude when come to fixing problems are: avoiding problems all together, always came up with excuses when someone bring up issues, shown annoyance when people used ticket system which they created themselves to deal with server problems but they never fix anything only bringing more excuses. If you are looking for a place with competent admins I’m not recommended to play this server


VRP Is always ontop of making sure RP is fair and fun for everyone. The staff is quick to answer tickets and help us when it comes to troublesome players. The community is friendly and active. I never feel like a stranger among the people, everyone welcomed me in very quickly. There is never a dull moment either in character, or just hanging out on the discord. Its a place to make memories, have some good laughs, and really become part of a family

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