Valheim Advance RPG

Valheim Advance RPG

===== A Server With a Purpose and a Good Story to Unfold =====

You are about to embark on a journey that challenges your gaming capability and personal character. This server serves as a modern “Exodus”. You were summoned and brought to this world through a mysterious portal unknown to the seed settlers. Your quest will start in the “Seed Island” where settlers will assist to help you get started and learn the basics of how the world works in the seed. And finally, you will then be tasked to find the King to seek for wisdom and learn the reasons of why you were called out in this world.

This server is non-linear quest driven and an open world story. You are free to follow the sequence of the story or simply just play according to your liking. WARNING! Your gaming expertise and character will be tested in many different ways. Some quests will provide instructions and some will give just clues. Be patient, courageous, and brave and a good reward will be given only to those who succeed!

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