Valhiem Reborn is a new PVP/RAIDING vanilla valhiem server


– 24/7 Dedicated Server
– Work with your tribe and wage war!
– Must wage war formally over discord if a base has a ward protecting it. Everything else is free game. Please read the rest of the rules
– Seasonal wipes of characters/server world
– Gated age/boss progression changed every week.
– VC preferred but not required.

1) Respect all orders from staff, unless what you are told to do is deemed out of nature.
2) Please utilize the chain of command! Don’t go straight to an Admin/Manager etc. Go to our Helpers & Moderators first.
3) Exploiting, duping, cheating, hacking, selling in-game items to profit real money is NOT allowed.
4) You are required to report any dupes and other issues to staff immediately. If you are caught spreading dupes & exploits you will be blacklisted from our network, no exceptions.
5) Excessive Cursing <-(Deemable by staff), racism, defamation, derogatory terms/slurs, spam is NOT allowed.
6) Evading a punishment will extend the current one. Evading a permanent ban will get you blacklisted from the network.
7) If you need in-game tips refer to wikis or other sources before asking in-game, please.
8) Do not ask staff for in-game items or perks.
9) Advertising other servers, discords, websites other than ours is prohibited.
10) Bypassing protected areas i.e. griefing, raiding, altering areas such as but not limited to: spawn, warps, demonstrations, events, etc.

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